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I would have liked to say something profound about this drawing, but there was not really anything profound I could say.
But then some nice person on twitter reminded me that space itself is profound. Especially deep space~! <3

Mostly markers on A4 bristol paper. Some acrylics for the stars.
Critiques like always greatly appreciated. Though I know that might be a bit hard to do here. :D

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Whoever told you that space is profound deserves all the credit. These are some true words to live through.

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Well I would say it's profound!

Very regal, magnificent ... speechless rendering!

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Her darkness isn't very dark. ;)

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I'm always impressed by your skills

it's so soft and delicate

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amazing! it looks like Childe with his suit on (genshin impact)

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This type of thing is what I see in my dreams

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I hope that's good? :)

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It look so amazing ^^

I love it's shape and colors :)

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Very Hawkins album and stage art style. Love it by the way.

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Sorry that should have been Hawkwind, a space rock band from the 70's.

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I have long felt that the darkness of space is itself a god, one not to be taken lightly, or called upon on a whim.

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I think it is Shintoism that believes everything gets a soul if it just exists long enough? One would think 13+ Billion years should do the trick. d:

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This one just about sparkles upon the page.

Wonderfully done.

Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you very much! :D

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You are quite welcome.

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Your colorings amazing!
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