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moon angel thingy


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Sunday moon angel thingy drawing, just for fun and swirls and because I found an old draft and still liked the idea. :D

Prints - Kofi - Twitter

Mostly watercolour and some fineliners.
Critiques of any kind as always greatly appreciated. :)

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Your wings are so beautiful. :)

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Beautifully Stunning!

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So "thingy" is the technical term, huh? I love it! :D

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i think what made me chuckle slightly about the piece was the title haha, this piece seems so anomynous and quite angelic in general.The colours are gorgeous and the pose and detail of the character reflects the fantasy outlook i enjoy when i dream of a non realistic world

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I was seriously stumped about naming that one. XD At some point I just went "eh, whatever, it is what it is!".

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Very much a thingy xD.Kirby Jamming

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she look so pretty :)

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you are welcome :hug:

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What a majestic thingy indeed uwu~

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This is really pretty!

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I'll probably have to commission you to do a fantasy-setting lineup of deities one day. So many of your art pieces make me think 'oh that looks like a great depiction of god XYZ from [rpg]'

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Thanks~! :D You know where to find me. :D General commission info is here:

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Deine romantische Seite. :heart:

...Die Flügel haben ihre Befestigungsbasis am Po, oder? ;P

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Würde Sinn machen, Mitte der Gewichtsverteilung und so. d:

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Woahhh!!! That looks awesome!!!

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