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Initially a dancing elf, now a goldfish mermaid. :D
Markers on A4 paper.
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This is a good work!
I totally love the color choice and how you placed them; the elegant and coloured lineart give a fantastic effect, like she's levitating.
About anatomy, I'd have done a little longer tail; the attaching of it would be done near the imaginary position of feet, but this is only a personal opinion.
I'd like to say something about framing, in particular...
I don't appreciate the way you cut off the tail tip, because it takes the attention of the viewer away from the face and the body, which I believe constitute the most important part of the drawing.
For example, I would have created a black rectangle around the image, so the cut would have a real meaning; otherwise, I'd have moved the plane of the image a little lower; in this way, the tail wouldn't be cut off and you would have created a thinner image, that helps a lot to increase the visual impact of the drawing.
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I like the whole thing, but I would have added a background, so we could see where the goldfish/person is.I think the way the bubbles are coming off of you goldfish person add to the picture, but again, a background would have added an extra element. The blueish green along the back and hair give it an appearance of water, which goes hand in hand with the bubbles. The tail looks like a goldfish', which is perfect in contrast to the person. Overall, this is a stunning piece of work, and you should continue to make more art like this one.
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Very pretty, and the colours are wonderful! :nod:
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Thank you very much. ^^
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Quite gorgeous!!😘
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You are welcome!😁
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awwww, she look so pretty :) great work :clap:
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I love the sense of movement in this piece.
Thank you for sharing.
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Thank you very much for the compliment. ^^
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You are very welcome.
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OH MY GAD ! This is so gorgeous ! I love so much how you used the colors to do this light effect on the fin dress *w*
Very good job ! :dummy:
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You're very welcome ! ~ :dummy:
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Beautiful! I love the iridescence you have achieved by blending the colours. It is not an easy task even with watercolours, and you managed to do it with markers!
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Thank you very much. :) Actually, it is really not too hard with markers. :D Especially alcohol based ones blend really well for that effect. ^^
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No problem! If they are alcohol based, I assume the key is to work fast because they dry very fast, is that correct? Do you use copic markers?
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Nah, alcohol based markers are almost instantly dry. :) But markers don't tend to cover the paper and the colour is see through. So you can go over the colour again easily, darkening it or changing the hue a bit. I do prefer copics, but I got a few no-name-markers (all alcohol based) too.

The best part about copics is that they tend to push the first layer of colour... a bit away? If that makes sense? So, going with yellow over blue won't result in green, but in blue which lets some yellow shine through? Wow, that phrase makes little sense. ... o-o''
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I see. That sounds like a faster version of layering with watercolour. :D Are they absolutely no-name, or just some cheaper alternative brand? :D I would like to try some sort of markers, but copics are a bit too expensive for the beginning.

I sort of understand what you mean, and I think what you are describing is visible in this drawing as well. 
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The prices of copics are frightening, but they are the best of the best on the market. :) If you want to try them out, I recommend buying three cold gray and three warm gray colours. That way you can try around with shading and you don't have to worry about a big assortment of colours. :) I got a bunch of Stylefile Markers (no name-ish brand) here, which are okish to use, but will never reach the absolute smoothness a copic tends to give you when you draw/colour.

Though on dA there are quite a few people who experiment with a few of the cheaper alternatives. :D I haven't tried many of those out so far, mainly because I need very soft colours that are not available from those others makers. But traditional media is often a matter of trial and error anyway. ^^'
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Thanks for the advice! Grey colours sound like quite a good choice. Good art supplies are so insanely expensive, I can understand why people feel upset when someone steals their work - not only did they put a lot of time and effort, but also a lot of money into buying the supplies. :D 

There have been some no-name brands I have tried and found decent enough to use, but I have noticed that most of the time, the expensive ones are worth the price compared to the cheaper ones. However, ultimately, I think whether a piece of artwork looks well done depends a lot on a person's skills, the higher quality products only give some additional aspects, such as steadfastness of colours, comfort, range of shades and so on.
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I love it so magical
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