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Just for fun. :D I like the combination.

A4, markers and fineliners on bristol paper.
Critiques like always greatly appreciated~. <3
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Thank you very much! :D

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It has a mystical essence, and I like the dragon

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Sogar noch hübscher als der andere Drache. Die leuchtenden Blumen sehen schön aus. Großartiges Bild! :love:

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Wie die Flügel des Drachen das Licht der Blumen reflektiert, einfach wunderschön!

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I like the idea that this rock is just floating in space and the tree is making its own little atmosphere

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Awesome drawing! I really love the way you textured the tree, especially at the top with the thicker, gnarly bits and roots.

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Lovely! The flowers really are glowing. I'd love to know how you do that. Also the subtle coloring in the rock.

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Thank you! :D Things like glow are actually not too hard: It's mostly an effect that is achieved by illuminating the surrounding. I mean, would you call them glowing if they wouldn't cast light on the dragon and the branch? Without that, it would just be yellow flowers on the white background. :)

Also, it's WAY easier to make something look bright, when the background is darker (this here is not the best example for that though XD ).

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Makes me feel warm. Shocking, I know. ;)

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Your art is always magical! :D

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I thought I had seen this before ... but I hadn't, it only looked familar ... and I'm glad it's New because it is Divinely gorgeous as usual!

Ethereally light and airy, graceful and contrast of dark and Bright Light!

Nice INCREDIBLE effort of the wings matching the trunk / branch in texture and lining too!

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Thank you very much! It's a combination of tree and dragon I tend to use from time to time. :) The whole gnarly bonsai look is a thing I love to draw and adding dragons? Well, it's hard not to add them to everything. d: Definitely not original, but tons of fun to doodle~!

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So beautiful! ❤️

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