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November 21, 2017
floating cities by drachenmagier
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floating cities

We never learned to travel faster than light. But it didn’t matter: We became symbiotic with the universe and dove into event horizons.

A4, trad. media. And a bit of an experimental thing.

I was mostly listening to Mega Drive - Seas of Infinity and the OST of Hellblade while drawing on that one. :D

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
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My immediate reaction was being overwhelmed; from the blends of blue and purple to the lines curving toward the light, this really pulls me in. It actually took a while to realize that those curved lines at the bottom were from the jellyfish since they matched the curved spaceships so well. The "whale-bird-ships have a nice design, and nice to see your jellyfish again used to show a city moving across space. Even the space looks nice and bright with sparkling stars and a hopeful light that they're heading toward. Overall it seems like another world with the freedom of this movement as they swim or soar through space. While the ridges on that jellyfish on the left look nice, the black ovals over the buildings seem out of place as if from a sketch (although looking at the bottom of the city shows a cleaner and more obvious brick pattern).
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Heh, it's like the jellyfish are the big cities and the whales are the little towns. :D

This is so many kinds of beautiful and striking. :clap: Heh, and maybe it's because I watched some GI Joe too recently, but the.... organifying (?) of it all makes me think of Cobra-la. XD There were some fun designs in that flick. :aww:
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Thank you very much. X3
Personally, I like the idea of tech and organic life forms fusing in the future. We could reach incredible heights that way. :D
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The degree of imagination on display in this image is excellent, especially when combined with a professional use of color and composition. Great work.
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Thank you very much! :bow:
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It's amazing, love this idea ! :wow:
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This is freaking spectacular! It tickles my imagination so perfectly. I want this to be a new Sci-fi tv show so much hnng!
I want to write fanfic and tv scripts on this image alone! :heart: Sublime!
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Thank you very much~! :heart:
And go wild! There is no better compliment than inspire others with my works! :heart:
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You got on DeviantArt's Facebook page with this one!
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Er... wait, what? O_o Linky please! I don't have FB anymore!
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Ehehehe... X'D Lots of people who compare it to pokemon. Ah, Internet, you never disappoint.
Thanks for the link!
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You are welcome!  I am just glad that it worked.
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Oh no! Nihilego has become large enough to fuse with entire cities!
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The Pokemon Nihilego from Generation 7. It looks like a giant jellyfish and has the power to fuse with people.

UB-01 Symbiont by Fyrae  
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Reminds me of the star whale and Starship UK from the Doctor Who episode The Beast Below.
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Thank you very much. ^^
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