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city of bridges


“Don't go to the City of Bridges.
Many will tell you it contains a dragon's hoard, riches beyond imagining.
But let it be known, the city itself is the hoard.
And its master is a jealous creature, that does not share, not even a single pebble.”

Acrylics on A4 paper. :D Now THAT was fun! <3
Critiques like always greatly appreciated~!

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is this giant beast a protector or a threat? :D

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Wanna try it out to see? d:

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Mighty Grand and Highly Majestic Epic surrealness!!

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Thank you very much! X3

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just incredible

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It look simply amaznig, I really love that dragon. This city and all colors that you use on this picture ^^

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you are welcome :hug:

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mystically magnificent

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Thank you very much. X3

Your welcome 🙏
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amazing. no words to describe it.

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Love the use of light with this

Townspeople: "Okay, new plan. Build the village in the valley next time"

I love this so much. It almost looks like sci-fi more than fantasy, an alien world being inhabited by an alien dragon.

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