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Spitter dragon~. Mostly for fun and because I felt like drawing something with lots of teeth~.

Traditional media on A4 mixed media paper, markers and fineliners, some acrylics. :D Critiques of any kind as always greatly appreciated~! <3

More dragons:
last star by drachenmagier  sawtooth by drachenmagier 

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I actually like how you made a few more monstrous creatures recently :)

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Thank you! Hey, they ARE fun, all drooly and toothy. :D

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This is amazing * the only thing I would suggest is shading on the cloud stuff, to add more depth, unless the look your going for is a frame. Also, how do you upload the picture of your traditional art? A scanner?

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Thank you! :D

Normally, I would agree. Here I wanted it as negative space, and it turned out just the way I had hoped. :D

As for digitalising traditional art: photo scanner and then some Photoshop to edit out cat hair, dust and scanner fragments. Though I keep the digital changes at a minimum, and just try to make it look like the original again.

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ty! i use a camera and... that never works out well :))))

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Yeah, scanners ARE a must at some point. :D

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Aber wie orientiert er sich ohne Augen, der Arme?

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Gibt viele Tiere, die sich nicht auf Augen verlassen. Vom Regenwurm über den Nacktmull und Grottenolm bis hin zur Fledermaus. :D

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LOOOOVE IT!! Your love of detail is staggering, as always.

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Can't get enough of your drawings
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Among so many other things, you have an incredible talent for making plain white look absolutely blinding.

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Thank you very much! QWQ

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Wow, this one look so cool :)

I really love his design.

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You are welcome :hug:


yay! you found my lost pet!

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AWww, great to hear it found its way home again~!

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