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Snufkin's travels

A gift for the mother of a really great friend. :)

One of Snufkin's adventures, while the moomins sleep during winter. :D

Acrylics on brown A4 paper
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I absolutely love the blue outline on the wings. It makes the painting look as if they're really lit up by their tails. The anatomy of the frog animal is gorgeous, showing bone and muscle and web between digits perfectly. My suggestion is that the frog is seen from an above view. The fireflies and pebbles on the ground don't really give that impression.
One way you could remedy this would have been to place a firefly or two lower on the canvas 'below' the frog, or overlapping him. But it seems like the frog is the centerpiece, and moving the fireflies would really alter the composition. The pebbles shown slightly from the side have more depth, too. So my suggestion is maybe you could have shown the frog animal and rider from the side, more. All in all, this is striking and gorgeous, just with a little bit of an interesting perspective.
I love the way the green leaves fade to blue in deeper darkness, too! Great work! It really even feels like the perspective was an artistic choice.
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They should have made a spin-off on Snufkin`s winter adventures! 
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I liked the mystery of it, when nothing about it is ever mentioned. :D That way, he can do whatever you can imagine.
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wow it is so pretty :)
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you are welcome :hug:
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Is it weird I like all the detail in the dirt... yeah it's weird... but rest great too. I love the glowing around the outlines and fireflies' wings are really pretty.:D (Big Grin) 
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XD Well, it was enough work, so it's awesome that people notice it~? d:
And thank you!
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You're welcome 
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Great drawing of a microscopic level with great shades of green!
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Thank you! :bow: Not too microscopic though: That is one big frog. d:
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such detail O_O
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Thank you very much! X3
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ahhh my favourite character from moomins
such a wonderful picture
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Thank you very much~! :D
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The contrast just right, great picture...
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Wow I love moomintroll
This is perfect ❤️
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Thank you very much! X3 I just started to rewatch it because of this request. Still love it as much as when I was smaller.
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