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March 29, 2013
Citydryad by *drachenmagier
Featured by STelari
Suggested by SaloGuardione
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Ever wondered what's behind the light that blinds you?

Same world as the busstop. :)

Edit: The discussions I got to hear about this picture, when I showed it to friends, were rather interesting. Most people seemed unable to see the dryad, till someone mentioned it. Many only saw the girl, never looking at the light source. (It was hilarious to watch their faces when they discovered it, btw). In a way that is just what I wanted to show with the drawing. We are so well taught and see only what we believe to be part of the world we're supposed to see...

Reminds me what a friend once said. The best way to hide is not to find a good hiding place. The best way to hide is just to make it so clear that you're in no need of hiding that anybody who searches will just walk past you.

How right he is. :)

Edit 2: It got a DD! 8D
Thank you SO much for suggesting it @=SaloGuardione
And thank you just as many times for this feature! @^SylwiaTelari
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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absolutamente perfecto, no puedo decir otra cosa de esta maravillosa obra de arte. Al ver tu obra me demuestra o me da la sensación de ver el mundo detrás del mundo, aquella belleza, que solo pueden ver pocas personas. La belleza oculta de este mundo, que aquellos que están enserado en su propio mundo en donde no hay cambios ni emociones, nunca podrán apreciar la verdadera belleza de este mundo y las emociones que nos trasmite. tus obras siempre me emocionan ya que siempre me muestran mundos fantásticos llenos de color y emociones de todo tipo. Tus obras demuestran vida.
El diseño del dibujo es muy elaborado y demuestra que le dedicaste mucho trabajo, los colores le dan vida a tu obra y lo dejan aun mas impresionantes, el fondo nos demuestra un mundo que no se detiene a apreciar esas pequeñas y hermosas cosas que nos da el mundo
translation with google:
absolutely perfect, I can not say anything of this wonderful work of art. Seeing your work shows me or give me the feeling of seeing the world behind the world, that beauty, that only few people can see. The hidden beauty of this world, that those who are in their own world enserado where no changes or emotions can never appreciate the true beauty of this world and the emotions it conveys. Your works always excited me because I always show colorful fantasy worlds and emotions of all kinds. Your work shows life.
The tread design is elaborate and shows that you dedicate a lot of work, the colors give life to your work and leave even more impressive, the background shows us a world that does not stop to appreciate the little and beautiful things that gives us world
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I will have to skip the Spanish (?) part, but the google translate gives me quite a good idea what you're saying. :D I hope you do not mind when I reply in English?

Thank you very much for the compliments! Happy to hear you like this one that much! :heart:
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no problem to answer me in English and I'm the one who should thank you for uploading and let us see your beautiful work. I love them and I always get excited when you upload a new job
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Hahaha, will try to get more things done soon, in this case! :D Thank you so much! :heart:
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you should make a movie about your pictures and the main characters because its going to be a fantasy romance story. 

p.s. make a novel story because its going to be great. trust on this one
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Thank you very much. ^^
I'm not a storyteller though. :D
I saw this and immediately knew I had to give you a watch. This draws me in. Absolutely superb!
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D'aw, thank you very much for the compliments and the watch~! :heart:
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Love this one so much! :icondragonwant: The power of black and white and just a little bit of colour. I've been scanning the map of ID and Mind and this one immidiately made me go; "Wooow! This one is soooo AWESOME!" So, yeah, had to fav and comment that. Sweating a little... Now I continue the journey through the lives of ID and Mind and the pretty butterfly. :happybounce:  
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Thank you! 8D
Though I have to ask: What map? :confused:
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Urban Dryad- wonderful -ur right, always look to the light source-
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Thank you! :D And yes, instead of just assuming it's a normal lamp. ^^
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You know this picture reminds me of some of my days
i notis small ihings like a little fairy (thay come and go as little puff balls that pass me by
and when i see one it makes my day happyer that is why thay are fairis)
0r angels soring in the sky or the dragons that fly in the night sky or the ghost that glitters and glides gently throgh the hall.
such butiful things that pepol seem to be to buysy to notice:( 
the butiful things that no one sees but i skdxb still micss things

such a butiful picture the butterflys are wonderfull
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Thank you very much. ^^
The magic we see in our lives always depend on what we want to see in the end. :)
Or it fails because we don't believe in what we see. :)
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yes and it may depend on our environment ^^
but we all see majik in our lives if we believe it is there ^^
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Can't get enough of your work!

Klasse Bild Love
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Your art and your traditional drawing skills are so wonderful! It's impressive to see all you can do with these beautiful tools! :la:
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Thank you very much! 8D
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oh my!! it's fantasic!! :o (Eek)  La la la la 
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Thank you very much. ^^
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