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Star + Moon Dangles - F2U!


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Thank you~! 

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This was commissioned by TwistedRingPop and is shared as a free-to-use resource for you guys to enjoy as well! There are resources similar to this concept already out there, but she wanted one specifically of this size; 40x40 with these colors and star and moon combination instead of the common heart and stars. I do admit, this was a slight challenge. I didn't want to do a direct copy but still wanted to please her on following the same idea and this is what resulted. I don't dabble with many tiny things like this for the dangle and such as I've only done similar things on these -  Heart 'n Swirl Divider 2 - F2U! by Drache-Lehre  Star + Dangles Divider (Pink-DarkPurple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre ( which need to be updated ^^; ) but even so I had fun! The animation was the hardest for me, the timing just didn't want to cooperate. Finally I ended up with this. xD I might do another tiny one to match, similar to this Star + Dangles Bullet (Black) - F2U! later on, maybe. :B  Hope ya like it. :}

My Purple Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U! For more color choices and/or decoration resources that I share, please visit my gallery~! Small Heart Bullet (My Purple) - F2U! 

Art (C) Drache-Lehre (me)

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This picture makes me. . . .*yawned* 😴💤