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Small Floating Cloud - F2U!


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This may seem a bit random to you and that is fine. :giggle: But I decided that I wanted something to use with my rainbow. Couldn't really think of anything so figured a small cloud by itself would work. xD If you have any ideas on what else I could make, bullet or small sprites like this to go with the rainbow, you are welcome to share! ^.^ Anyways, made this with my own use in mind but I am going to share it, if you really want too. Just respect my rules please.

Art (C) Drache-Lehre (me)

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Used, thanks!
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using!! this is exactly what i need so thanks so much!!
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so cute! absolutely using :D
Drache-Lehre's avatar
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I love all your cloud things!!!
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Thank you kindly!! :)
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This is SUPER CUTE I love these little sprites. <3
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Thank you so much~! They are fun to do~ I have to stop myself from doing a dozen colors on EVERYTHING. :lol:
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Really cute, thank you for sharing it <333
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Using!  < 3 
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using! thank you.
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Using! Thank you! :)
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using, thank you!! <33
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Oh glad u like! :)
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