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Rose Bullet (Flipped) - F2U!

My simple rose just flipped the other direction. Be sure to look in my gallery for this in more colors~! :la: The best way to display this on your page is use the thumb code! If you are not sure how to get the code, refer to my guide below (Click the Preview), which also explains other tips and info you may not already know!
Displaying Images on DA: Thumb 'n IMG SRC Codes! by Drache-Lehre
Art (C) Drache-Lehre (Me) Not to be copied, traced, edited, re-uploaded, altered or stolen. Please respect the artist, thank you!
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ConnectingCreativity's avatar
Just to let u know I'm using this ok :) thank u these are adorable 
sara-satellite's avatar
The little rose bullets are adorable!
Drache-Lehre's avatar
Heh thank you so glad you like ! Bullets are not always easy to do lol
sara-satellite's avatar
No they're not easy. I love your bullets. They're inspiring. :nod: The ladybugs are my favorite though because I love ladybugs (and all insects really)! Would you consider doing a butterfly type bullet? :please:
Drache-Lehre's avatar
Ah thank you, I am rather proud of that ladybug too since I was able to pull it off. :giggle: Took a few tries tho. As for the butterfly so far I am having a tough time on getting it small enough. I don't want it too big. :(
sara-satellite's avatar
It looked great to me! I'm going to go look at the other colors now!
Drache-Lehre's avatar
Haha I am still loading the colors! Once I am ALL done, the Collection Sheet will be updated with these added on as well.
sara-satellite's avatar
Well then, maybe I should wait before I pick a fave! :excited:
Drache-Lehre's avatar
I am all done now. There is 18 butterflies I think. ^^;
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