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NOTE ME about Re-Color Requests!

This refers to the various decor pixel resources that I share with folks to use on their DA pages. Sometimes what I pick to make it in isn't the color someone else would prefer. I never mind being asked to do a different color of it, BUT I do mind when you ask in the descriptions on the piece itself. It annoys me. Sorry, but it does. ;p So this is being done to try to help share that I don't mind being asked but I very much prefer that you do so via :note: (note). Thank you! :aww: 

Just another button that I want to use in my descriptions. Still to this day, I find Simply's emote sign design my favorite. :love: I take NO credit for this at all. I merely re-colored the emote and tossed on the text. Yes, I got her permission so no worries there. :3 Oh and yes, if you'd like to use this in your descriptions you may. Just use the thumb code!

*** Base and Font by SimplySilent
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