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To use, copy-paste the thumb code for the short one OR 
Copy-paste the code below for the longer one.
<da:deviation id="469967573">

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If you are not aware yet, YES my birthday is approaching. It's real soon~! So I'm decorating a box on my profile in light of it. I will also be hosting a couple mini-events to celebrate. I wanted something new for decoration and this idea came to mind. Originally I was only to do the long version but then I thought have a proper size for the preview image would be great for those who use thumbs in comments. Since this was made in mind that I will be using, it's with my fav colors. :aww: Anyways, if you wanted to leave a happy birthday comment, please do so on my profile. :aww:

This is a TWO-IN-ONE deviation. The code you use determines the image you'll see. ;) (Wink) If you prefer the shorter one, then use the thumb code. If you prefer the longer, then use the code that I've provided above in italics. :} Take note that the ID code won't work in all the places as the thumb. For more decorations that I offer, don't forget to browse my gallery! 

Art (C) Drache-Lehre (me)

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July 22, 2014
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