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GIS for DragonCodex

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Gallery Icon Set (Style 1 with Extra) for :icondragoncodex:'s use ONLY!

My Purple Bullet - F2U! The solo icons will be sent to you separately via NoteDot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! [- CLICK HERE -] Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! if you need help installing them!
I had a lot of fun working on this since I haven't done one in quite some time AND we did something different by adding a top piece even though normally with this particular set style, there isn't one. Wasn't designed to have one but Dragon really wanted to make use of their own character headshot which was pixel'd themselves and I needed a way to place it in without it looking odd. I tried few different ideas but in the end this one won out. I rather like it and am very fond of the frame. I may try testing this concept out with some other pixels to see if it is something I'd like to offer others in the future. I could make use of the sprite options for Style 2 only you'd just see a bit more then the head, the rest would be cropped out. Again.. I'd have to test it out. Another time, for now it feels good to get something else marking off the to-do-list!! :la: I'm slowly getting back into the grove of getting things rolling and finished again. I know I was unproductive for far too long. :c Thank you so much dear for your patience on this and I REALLY do hope you are pleased with the result! 

My Purple Bullet - F2U! Rose Red Bullet - F2U! My Purple Bullet - F2U! Interested on getting a set for yourself? Click below to learn more~! 
GIS Order Sheet! - Update 4. LOTs of NEW Stuff!! by Drache-Lehre

Art (C) Drache-Lehre (me) with Help~ {Resource Credits} +
Pixel Headshot (C) DragonCodex {Here} | Frame Border (C) Tigers-stock {Here}

Simple Copyright Banner + Plz Buttons by Drache-Lehre
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you've absolutely outdone yourself on these, they are incredible and each button is just ever so detailed!
did i ever mention how lovely that shading is on the frame? it's just gorgeous. each one is absolutely perfect.
i love that font and the pattern, the lovely purple colour is so complimentary of the little pixel headshot!

now, for the monumental task of re-organising my gallery for these!
it's going to be so worth it <3

i can't thank you enough for this wonderful set!
they're stunning and i am ever so grateful to you!! <333
gifts shall be incoming c<