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EHG Ryker

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Species ID#: None yet!
Name: Ryker
ID#: 1602
Stable: Eternal Hallow Grove aka EHG
Gender: Stallion
Color: Buford Bronze/Pink Hybrid
Mane: Fade Mane
Markings/Mutations/OdditiesBirdcatcher Spots, Lacing, Pied
Retired Name* | Old Ref: N/A
* The name from the previous owner; which was changed once it was brought into Eternal Hallow Grove.
Color RarityDot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U! Hybrid (Uncommon/Rare)

Lineage: *=Starter
------------------------------------------ SSS: Faded Magic
----------------- SS: Pink Ink
------------------------------------------ SSD: Diamond in a Sandstorm *
Sire: EHG Mosu 
------------------------------------------ SDS: Interstellar *
----------------- SD: Chanel
------------------------------------------ SDD: LOS Pandora Palomina *

------------------------------------------ DSS: October
----------------- DS: CRK's Golden Autumn
------------------------------------------ DSD: Blueberry Chelsey
Dam: EHG Moloko
------------------------------------------ DDS: EHG Sehuo
----------------- DD: SWS Tell Me why
------------------------------------------ DDD: Sanisa

Registered: Yes
Breedings: Unlimited Slots
Breedings StatusBullet; Blue SEMI-PICKY! 
    ✦ CLICK HERE to learn more if interested in possible breedings! ♥

Slots Info ::  
@Username • # of Slots • Mate • Breeding Pic • Note • Foals

1. halloweendonkey • x1 • ???

••  | •• The Stable 

Original DesignThe Art of Mud (#7)

Art (C) Coloring by halloweendonkey 
Horse lines by NorthernRed & Background by Rexos-Isle
All Exclusive for my use only! 

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! COPYRIGHT NOTICEDot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! 
Please do NOT copy this work;
use, edit, trace, publish, reproduce or re-upload
in anyway without my written permission!
Thank you for Respecting!
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One slot to @halloweendonkey to use once picks a fitting mate. xD This slot is payment for coloring this reference which I appreciate a lot! ♥

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