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EHG Daesyn

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Gradually I shall get all of these beauties officially registeredI am a dummy! 
So many to do, soooo little time. :cry:  
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Can I have a paint brush and erase those damn dots? Gimme fade or plumes please. ;_;

Species ID#: None yet!
ID#: 1350
Stable: Eternal Hallow Grove aka EHG
Gender: Mare (Female)
Color: Periwinkle/Cream/Jade Hybrid
ManePolka-Dot Mane
Markings/Mutations/Oddities: Carries Roan, Split
Retired Name* | Old Ref: N/A
* The name from the previous owner; which was changed once it was brought into Eternal Hallow Grove.
Color RarityDot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U! Hybrid

Lineage: *=Starter
------------------------------------------ SSS: BVS Naktergalen Tjuven *
----------------- SS: Catacombes
------------------------------------------ SSD: Fire Bird * (#2)
Sire: The Maze Runner
------------------------------------------ SDS: Blue Box
----------------- SD: Take Two
------------------------------------------ SDD: That's a Wrap

------------------------------------------ DSS: Starter
----------------- DS: Percival *
------------------------------------------ DSD: Starter
Dam: EHG Zinnia
------------------------------------------ DDS: Starter
----------------- DD: Abigail *
------------------------------------------ DDD: Starter

Registered: Yes
Breedings: Unlimited Slots
Breedings StatusBullet; Purple LIMITED!
    ✦ CLICK HERE to learn more if interested in possible breedings! ♥

Slots Info ::  
@Username • # of Slots • Mate • Breeding Pic • Note • Foals

1. Souls--Darkening • x8 • Jurassic Park • Ruination- BPs • X • ???
└---↠ Drache-Lehre  ~ Nothing stays Buried
└---↠ KTLasair  ~
2. halloweendonkey • x1 • ???

••  | •• The Stable 

Original Design#3

Art (C) Coloring by halloweendonkey
Horse lines by NorthernRed & Background by @Rexos-Isle
All Exclusive for my use only! 

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Please do NOT copy this work;
use, edit, trace, publish, reproduce or re-upload
in anyway without my written permission!
Thank you for Respecting!
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For everyone / anything else to ask or share, please reply to this one!

  • I'd like to ensure the featured comments don't get lost. OwO Thank you. ♥

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If you are interested, please read the journal & contact me with your choice of listed options. This comment is for tracking any that are in the works/coming soon to help me not forget or lose anyone. It shall be posted here when the plans are ready to move forward. I also keep track of every detail in a google sheet.

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Doing some fun random-yet-goal-oriented projects with Souls--Darkening. Using this gal with Jurassic Park! She'll handle the BPs for this pairing and send in the note to collect the genos for us. However, since Jurassic is owned by KT, we'll be sharing some of the genos with her too. Not required we know, but it's more fun to share. :aww:

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Mine are done! :3

Nothing stays Buried
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One slot to halloweendonkey to use once picks a fitting mate. xD This slot is payment for coloring this very reference which I appreciate so much~! ♥

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In an attempt to help me keep track until my is caught up.

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