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Displaying Images on DA: Thumb 'n IMG SRC Codes!

By Drache-Lehre
5.4.2020 Update :: Please take note, this was for the OLD DA; MUCH of this may no longer work/apply/be valid for the Eclipse version.
I may or may not re-do this to suit Eclipse; it depends how active I plan to be when it's fully forced onto us. >.<

9.2014 Update :: Sadly thumbs do NOT work in gallery folder description boxes for non-premium members. :(
:megaphone: 8.2014 Update :: Apparently you CAN Use bigthumbs in comments now but NOT in deviation descriptions.

I hope this can be of some use and help to you guys, at least those interested on wanting to be able to decorate your page rather it is with my resources or others. =D Though the info can be read on the flash itself, I've done a written version in a journal so you can copy-paste the codes from directly to make it easier. :aww: The journal also provides live-in-action samples of the codes being put to use as well as an extra code not on the flash. ;)

To check out a great collection of resources you can use to decorate your page and other helpful stuff, I suggest you check out the 2 groups below!
    :icondazzlingdecorations: :iconcustomizeyourprofile:

:star: CLICK THE JOURNAL BELOW FOR THE EXTENDED INFO, SAMPLES and to directly COPY the codes shown on FLASH~! :star:

Break-Down 'n Samples for Displaying Images on DA! This is an EXTENSION of my Flash Guide~!
I haven't used eclipse yet, until then, this might be outdated for those using eclipse now.

I've decided to move the written info to this journal so that I could offer an easier visual display to keep things apart. This is done so that you can copy-paste the code to make use of it instead of having to write it all one letter at a time. Of course you still can do that if you prefer, but if you're like me, the easiest option is always the best one~! :la: 

If you have a question about a code you are trying to get to work, the best way for me to help you is to see your code.

And to do that it is BEST if you write on my google document!
After that, write
Preview Image courtesy of SimplySilent <3 
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:redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: 
Please take note, until I test it all again myself once Eclipse goes live,
MOST of this, if not all might be completely outdated and no longer true.
This applied to the way DA functioned before Eclipse.
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Oh so that why the Thump in my character ref description is't working..... 

I hate DA for making that change.... can DA change it back?
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can u help me how to use it for non core for dec for my art plz? i rlly want to use Simple Copyright Banner + Plz Buttons by Drache-Lehre  like ^^ (up dere) but for non core i also tried the coding like this: <da:deviation width="500" height="500" id="thumbNUMBERShere"> but it wont work! Halp plz
Drache-Lehre's avatar
Thumbs and such codes do not work for non-core members.
But if you read description of that one, there are OTHERS that you can use that gives the same message Just not my exact image.

You just want to copy paste the :icon: etc coding for the one you want to use. =D
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Okay until I have time to update the FLASH itself, I'll make note of the CHANGES here that is wrong on the flash.

Free members (non-premium) ARE now able to use thumbs in COMMENTs on their profile or commenting on devations.
*** Proofs =… and…

The rules on the IMG SRC code seems to be the same.

But I also need to add into the flash the DA:ID code since that can be easier or more useful than the big thumb, at least its another option I feel folks should know. xD
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I'm not sure if you still reply to comments here (seeing how old this is), but I'm having some trouble 

I'm trying to put a gif onto my profile, but the img src code just shows up as this whenever I copy it onto my page:
<img src=”LINK…>

I've tried to follow your advice for previous commenters that had the same problem (for example the https://), but even those haven't worked for me. Am I doing something wrong?
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Old yes but still applies on most things. A few tweaks need to be made since DA has improved some areas especially for free members but I believe it is honestly an easy fix, sorta a silly on too.

The  that you have used is at an angle, you want the use this one " it is straight. I think that will fix the issue for ya. ^^
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Wow that is kinda silly, haha

I tried it, and I don't know if it's just because of my computer or if it can't go on my profile, but now it's doing this:
Capture by mapletoffee  
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May I ask for the image that you are wanting to use and I can test it out myself on my page?
mapletoffee's avatar
I'm trying to use this one:
-F2U- Rose-gold Sky Animated Divider by RariJacks
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Well it is showing up for me, here is the code I used. The only thing I can figure why it was not working, perhaps you was using the wrong url ?

<img src="">
mapletoffee's avatar
Yeah, it looks like I used the wrong url

Thanks for the help!
DominaOssa's avatar
Oh and you are most welcome. =D
DominaOssa's avatar
Okay if you look on the profile real quick, is the image showing up for you as well?
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Alright gimme a moment, gonna switch to my non-premium account to make sure the info I give you is accurate.
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thanks a lot, NOW it's clear!!!
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There is nothing wrong. Most of my art is set up to only display to actual da members. So yes, logged out you won't see it. :)
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no but it also doesn't show when I go on a different Deviantart account
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Only reason i can think for that, is if that account is blocked. Other wise, thumb code works just fine as long as i didnt put item in storage.
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that's so weird I tested it on my brother's DA so he's not blocked and I put in the code just one or two weeks ago and it was doing that from the first day ; ;
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What code exactly are you using? This may be the only way I can be of help, other wise the thumb code works pretty much everywhere on the profile/group pages.
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I just used the thumb code I have no idea why it's doing it
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