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DO's and DON'Ts Guide for Pixels-Unlimited!

Edit - Still old, due for an update when I find the time but for now it still works. However, the frames have been saved as images and can be viewed here for those who can't view flash files; such as when on mobile devices or what not. :D

Though I am one of the newer Admins @ :iconpixels-unlimited: I wanted to try to help offer an easier way to explain to folks what we look for as well as how they improve/fix it if their submit should be denied because of the Don’ts shown here. Sometimes just describing with words what is wrong and tips to correct is enough but there are times when a visual aid is just much more helpful. That is my main reason on why I decided to do this. My first rough-draft of this was very boring and less info. This is the final product and has a bit of extra touches for appeal following the theme of the current group icon. =3

Anyways, I hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions please just note the group directly with any questions you may have because you’ll likely get a quicker reply AND perhaps a better answer. Again I remind, I am new to the group so for specifics I might not yet know the answer but the Founder, Vala, I know will be happy to provide the help. =}

Please take note, this is a guide - not set in stone. Just like any art, deciding if it can be accepted or not is done individually since there are things we have to factor in; such as the subject matter, the artists style and of course the canvas size being used. But for the most part this does help and apply to a great majority which is why this is what I saw worth focusing on to toss together a guide.

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Don't be alarmed by hidden comments; just unnecessary repeated questions. ;p Hidden for my sanity on wanting to keep this organized. :blush:
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