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Butterfly Bullet V2 - Pale Pink


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Thank you~! 
The butterfly won in the poll asking which I should update {Old :thumb351569548:} and here is my doing just that! =D The first new one I did is actually a bit larger { Butterfly Bright-Purple - F2U! by Drache-Lehre} so now we have one that is smaller to be more fitting for a proper bullet. ;) I had done a few different shapes and couldn't decide so Xeshaire actually helped me decide on which one to go with! Yes, there will be a few different colors of this loaded. Hope you like, if not I thank you at least for looking! The best way to display this on your page is use the thumb code! If you are not sure how to get the code, refer to my guide below (Click the Preview), which also explains other tips and info you may not already know!
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I think I like this shape even better. :D
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I actually like the bigger one a bit better. This one has more to the body tho. ^^