Which version of "It is done" do you like more?
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Mask version, looking at the crowd ( dracenmarx.deviantart.com/art/… )
Mask version, looking to the sky ( www.reptile-universum.de/repti… )

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By dracenmarx
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how can you call that a masked version at all? it just looks like he is grinning from there he hangs,
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Ehm... Why I call it masked? Because he IS wearing a mask!! If you'd look closer you can clearly notice the straps around his head which are holding the mask and the mask has also a different color than his skin. Also I assume that you have not read the background story why the mask is a peaceful one and why it is not a black bag like in the western world.
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ah I see it now, it's practically impossible to see unless one downloads the picture at super high res,
Which again makes me belive that the unmasked version works better since the scene is drawn too far away from the character to give him a proper focus of the picture, there is too much open space around him which makes it a unbalanced picture to look at.
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... that's why we have the DOWNLOAD FUNCTION for! ;)
Many people have complained that we upload TOO HIGH resolutions.

So, you need this function to see it all.
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soooo, you make a drawing with So much dead space that one will have troubles seeing the ONe detail that is the main attraction/point on the drawing, then expecting the viewer to use the download function to see the point which is SO big that one has to scroll to just figure out where one is on the drawing.

I find that Very counter intuitive. a drawing is to capture the attention of the viewer immidietly where the composition of the picture is just as importaint as the drawing it self. this drawing just feels empty and out of balance because it's set from an perspective so very far away.
but by all means it's your choice I'm just pointing out the shortcomings by this choice