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The GDA-Conquer-Flag

The German Dragon Army which fights in Gobi desert against rebellious nomads and the Mongolian Army has started to conquer areas and resources to ensure the peace for the future.

Every area which is conquered by the GDA is official territory of Dragon-Germany. But since this new conquered territory has no name yet, it gets a temporary flag, which you can see above.

Please don't worry. The Germans are peaceful soldiers. They only kill if it is really necessary and if they have no other choice. People who live in the conquered areas can still continue their lives and do everything they did before. The soldiers will not harm the civilians, except if they get attacked.

Hope you like this flag.
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I like it. :) And you know what?

Because THIS is how flags are made of: simple colours and objects.

You have 3 colours + 1 object = perfect solution! Simple and authentic.
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Great you like it ^..^

But I am sure, Soleil would like it even more . . . :-p