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Soleil del Sol



I am proud to present you a new character in my universe: Soleil del Sol. (This is NOT the medieval Sunny!)

About Soleil del Sol

Soleil is living in a future world of Torronia (post-modern) and was born in France. After been in Canada as a secret agent, which was destroyed through an nuclear war, he escaped to Germany, where he entered the German Dragon Army (= G.D.A.), where he went to the Gobi desert. Since there, he works as corpsman.

There is also a big story about him, but alas not translated yet.

Even if Soleil has some dark sides, I like him very much. In this picture, Soleil has a bad mood, probably since he had a sleepless night because of some wounded soldiers which he had to handle.

Soleil fights with a doubel barrel shotgun and a pistol. Also, he always smokes. And when there is a sandstorm, he masks himself with a tie.

In his left ear he has his GDA-identification number 72401 tattoo.

Thanks to my friend :iconreptilecynrik: for making this perl of artwork. The background image ( [link] ) is copyright :iconalexaaandra: .

Additional information about his uniform / Badges!

1. On his left arm on the top he wears his division isignia which looks similar to the US Army 40th Infantry Division isignia ( [link] ). Note: This has no relation to the US Army.

2. On his left arm, below the division badge he wears the his red-cross-armlet to show that he is a medic. Also as a medic, he has this blue signs on his collar.

3. At his right arm on the top he wears his country flag, which is: [link] ; Not visible in this picture.

4. At his right arm on below the country flag he wears the badge of the GDA: [link] ; Not visible in this picture.

// Edit: Did increase the quality of the JPEG.

// Edit: Changed the badges on his uniform. Added the GDA badge.

// Edit 2010-07-14: The barefoot dragon soldiers do now wear spats at their feet, so I changed also the portrait of Soleil. You can view the old version where Soleil is barefoot here: [link] .
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Looks good and sexy looking feet spats he's wearing. Where are his boots?