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Solar del Sol

I am proud to present the first official character sheet of "Solar del Sol", an anthro dragon mutant in the postapocalyptical "Fallen world" universe and member of the CHOTA = Children of the Apocalypse. He is sorta mad at you, so you better run now ^..^

Solar's clothing

Btw, do you see the 4 straps at his jacket? There he puts the knifes when he don't need them.

Solar was a motorcycle-raider in the wastelands, until his motorcycle broke. As souvenir he made himself an ankle chain out of the motorcycle chain.

His hair is kinda like "Chuck Norris" :-p

More information about his and his clothing will be published soon.

There are multiple versions of this picture!

- Solar with pants and no jacket
- Solar without clothes (Artistic nudity - don't watch if you don't want to see a penis)
- Solar only with jacket (Artistic nudity - don't watch if you don't want to see a penis)
- Background only


Solar del Sol (C) :icondracenmarx:

Line Art by :iconreptilecynrik:

Colors by :icondracenmarx:

Fallen world (C) :icondrakon-fireblade:

Big update (2011-01-09): Increased resolution. Extended version with shadows and highlights by *ReptileCynrik . :hug:
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I'm trying to develop Solar's profile for the 3D game.
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Interested in roleplay? Solar and many weapons (kampfmessers are caught for the "tractor beam" of the portal, created accidentally by one of CHOTA engineers (always the engineer), and the four-armed dragon finds himself somewhere in France.
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I included another model of combat knife for your mutant dragon.
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Wow, that's great...
dracenmarx's avatar
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Solar's only jacket picture is simply GREAT!
dracenmarx's avatar
Yes, I love his member ^^ This is the picture that shows how he runs to you when you have stolen his pants.
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Would you kindly refrain from writing such messages here...?

First of all, it does NOT fit to the displayed submission.
Secondly, you should write NOTES!
And last but not least: it is not appropiate!!!
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No problem! I forgot we are at Deviantart and not at So Furry/Fur Affinity.
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Thanks for uploading the extended/edited version (with shading)!!!!
Yeah, looks much better indeed. ^__^ And now I'd really say that THIS version is (more or less) FINISHED, ew? :hug:
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Well, I still need to do the naked and half-naked Solar in exactly that style. That will be not easy. ^^"
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You can/will make it! ;)
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Wow....A 4-arm Dragon...Nice...
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You're welcome
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You could replace the knives with larger blades, such as gladius, falcata, kodachi or katana - except for throwng knives -, not counting there are many other options of short blades - most commonly kukri and tanto daggers.
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Mh, throwing knives are also fun (are they excluded?) ^^ I am glad with the knives, bow and arrow and maybe also an axe ^^

Especially bow and arrow is fun. It is kinda traditional, but also very underrated since the arrows are very deady. (With his great power the arrows go through the body). Everytime he kills an enemy with his bow, he adds a score into the wood of his arrow (to count).

Maybe I could imagine a sword-machete-mix for him like here: [link] . What do you think? ^^
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You have an unusual set of weapons. The knives can be used as well as the ENTIRE arsenal, and a katana could be included - since Solar del Sol uses swords/backswords. In addition, you could use explosive arrows with a longbow - similar to Jack Krauser from "Resident Evil 4" -, dealing greater damage to the victims.

Note: Iron Artist described a Egyptian khopesh sword.
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Welcome to the Reptilia Squad!

Solar del Sol is one of your most exotic characters, and vaguely similar is Sunny - noticeably -, because of his grater-than-standard attributes.
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Thanks ^^ Great that (a "copy") of Solar can join your world ^^
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