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MDA Dictators

Left: The current dictator of the MDA

Right: His son, who will seize power of the Chinese-Mongolian-Empire soon.

By :iconreptilecynrik: :tighthug:
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I like the left one, the one without the glasses.
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Any similarity to Mao Zedong (Mao Tse Tung) is almost coincidental.
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Did you know that there was a Mongolian dictator in real life: [link]
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YAY, you've merged both drawings to create ONE submission here. Good idea, that really works well.
Ok, thaaaaaaaanks very much for uploading!!! ^___^ :heart:
I'm glad that I was able to do these small drawings before my illness. Right now, I can NOT draw anything at all (I've tried). :(
Gotta recover first... and then I shall draw MY new project about "Reptile" (before going on with "ATLAS" from the "G-Raptors")!

About this artwork... dear people, listen up:

I've been asked to design a dicator/leader for the "MDA" (Mongolian Dragon Army). Since the "MDA" have always been... chinese in origin (more or less), I wanted to be consequent and used the image of "Mao Zedong" as basis.
The "MDA dictator/leader" was supposed to be neither "brutal", nor "fierce looking". He should not be "super-tall" or "extremely fiendish" in appearance. I find it much more frightening, if he was so... normal. And somehow, I find him really scary!!! :)
And it was a fun job to create an anthro-dragon version of "Mao"! ^^"

About his son... that was a different task. The son had to be even more scary! His appearance is adapted from "Kim Jong-il" (just look at the shirt and his glasses). Overall, he facial expressions AND especially the eyes are more asian-like in design. So, it's easy to see that these dragon males are... well, asian-like. ^^"

I don't have a personal opinion about either "Mao Zedong" or "Kim Jong-il". I neither like or dislike them! But these people were perfect to add a certain personality to these "MDA" dragons! ;)

Nun etwas Privates:

1.) Bei dem Icon muss der Bindestrich weg... ^^ : iconreptilecynrik: :D (ohne Leerzeichen)

2.) Meine Website ist immer noch nicht abrufbar, ja... hatte ich gesehen. :( Also, ich habe schon an meinen Support geschrieben. Mal sehen, was die gerade machen. Bin mir sicher, dass sie gerade nur am Server arbeiten und dann vorübergehend die Seiten nicht abrufbar sind. Serverarbeiten halt... schätze ich.

3.) War eben meine alte Ausbildungsschule besuchen. Hat Spaß gemacht, all die alten, guten Kollegen wiederzusehen. Immerhin habe ich 2 gute Jahre dort verbracht! Aber die Autofahrt war schlimm... so viele Touristen, die sich zu den Ski-Hängen quälen!!! Da erstmal vorbeizukomen war echt schwierig. Nun ja. {^}v{^}

Gruß :hug: :hug:
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Heh, and I just wanted to say that they do resemble Mao and Kim o.O
And you have a good point there, they both look normal, like their "predecessors". After all even Mao had normal clothes and a visual of a normal (though pretty fat) chinese.
I'd nag on their age appearance, since both look similarly old there ;) Of course, now we have a prime reference for "how a son of a dictator looks like" [link] which doesn't mean that you should use him for reference. Or maybe it's the glasses, they also make people look older than they are ;)
Nonetheless, I like your pencil drawings! They have a sense of plasticity and detail :D
ReptileCynrik's avatar
Yeah, I know Kim's sonny... let's see and wait what HE is going to do with the country. ^^"
Thanks for the comment and recognizing similarities. :hug:

And also, I appreciate your comment about my pencil works. IN fact, well... yeah, PENCIL is just "my" media! ^^"
Sure... it's always best to "finish" a picture with colours and stuff... but I've worked with pencils all my life and here ya go. ^^
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Yeeah... I don't have hopes very high though o.O

It's interesting, yup... so many possibilities, so many colours and media, but somehow the pencil is always the basic and favourite of many artists :D
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