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Hywther Birthday Gift 2010

Hywther drawn in the style of dracenmarx.

Happy birthday Hywther!
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Ya know what's funny? The butterfly has been drawn even MORE carefully and clean than the character...! XD Nah, seriously. They both look very cute and well done.


The character shows a pretty good facial expression and looks very sympathic. The best detail of the face is his eyes. You even managed to let him spot the butterfly with his eyes... which is very difficult to achieve! ;)
Yeah, he really LOOKS at the insect. Furthermore, his "shy" appearance has been done very well. I think, there is a LOT of character, expression and soul in this small picture. ^^


The colours are really good - we have pracised on colouring a lot, haven't we? - so I will only talk about the LINE ART now!
Okay, ONE comment: the colours are all very warm and bright. You've used a warm spectrum of tones, like yellow-red. This works pretty well and by using only warm tones (and no blue at all), you've achieved the expression of a warm and cosy feeling.


I have a suggestion:

I know how you love large resolutions... meaning: large pictures. But with your currect line art style, it would be better if you didn't present a large picture.
Well, the smaller viewing version of this picture looks much more clean and splendid, that the large version. This is typical for ALL kinds of artworks with a line art like you. Since your lines show almost the same "line strenght" all the time, some small flaws in the line art can be seen immediately! But if you zoom out the picture, the lines become thinner and MORE clean!!! ^^
So, you see... it would be best to present smaller artworks (800x800 for example) - as long as your line art style is still in development.

As a matter of fact, and we don't want to forget this here, your line art stlye has greatly improved over the past time!!!!
The lines begin to look more secure, splendid and clean.

The best parts of the line art:

+ BUTTERFLY (the wings are really well done and I know how hard round lines are)
+ THORNS (the back thorns of that guy... they look really clean and well done)


Sure... there is always something to find. :D For example, the right eye (his real RIGHT one) is wrong here. We could NOT see this eye, because of the snout. Maybe, a small line of the top of the snout (between eyes) would seperate snout from eye better... yeah, THAT would do the trick!
So, correction: the eye is correct here... but there is one horizontal, curved "snout line" missing, which would seperate snout from eyes. ^^

The rest looks great. Even the large horns are in perfect perspective... and that is hard to achieve!

One last thing:
Is it just MY imagination or do we artists always work BEST when drawing for somebody else (and not for ourselves)???? XD :hug:

One of your best (and still quick?) drawings ever!!!! Good work. :heart:

(Yay for large comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Wow, that was a giant comment!

Well, indeed it was a quick drawing. I expect only 1-2 hours! (Not comparable with Kinderstube!) The highlights I did with white soft brush very quick and I had no shadow-layer (I did not found any possible shadows which look "good" on that character). With the lineart I am not very pleased since it is not smooth enough. :-( The resizing does only "hide" this flaw a bit. But your theory... I think this is wrong xD Of course I try to make giftartworks good, but if it is something where I am on fire, like Markor, Atomic or the Raptor Feet picture I have much fun and give 150% :D
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Another nice gift for him ^^
You seem to be improving, huh?
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Great you like it :D
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:wow: thank you very much!
I really appreciate it ^^, thank you very much again! :hug:
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I am glad you like it :D :hug:
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