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(DL)(SFM) Trixie Props

"Why haven't you updated Trixie's things?"

The new season 6 edition of Trixie's stage and wagon! plus a few misc props...

As of now, everything is strictly SFM only. I don't know what it is just yet, but TF2 and GMOD's compilers do not like the stage or wagon... (Still working on it though!)
This set is meant to be a kind of Hearth's Warming present. Since things can randomly happen, releasing early. Guaranteed in time for Hearth Warming!

What's Included?

    -Trixie's Cannon
    -3 different tables (seen backstage)
    -Magician's Hat and Wand (also in the backstage scene)
    -Playing cards (with 5 different skins! Heats, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and a blank one!)
    -Those Ring Things! (Each ring has it's own bone)
    -Trixie's Trunk! (It has bones for the lid and latch!)
    -The Show Box (As seen when The Great and Powerful Trixie escaped the jaws of the monstrous Manitcore!)
    -The Magician's Box (Kept backstage...)
    -Trixie's Wagon! (Bones for opening the side windows, front windows, and door. The wheels can rotate, the harness moves...The curtains have a flex to open them! And stairs are added as a bodygroup.)
    -Trixie's Stage (Has flexes for the main curtain and entrance curtain)

GMOD Version is now LIVE! -> Trixie GMOD
    Known Issues (GMOD Only):
                            Flexes have been disabled. They were causing way too many problems.
                            Phy model on wand and playing cards are rotated


    12-21 -> Fixed a small problem with the stage stars and the wagon shutters
GMOD Update:

    12-20  -> All props tested with gmod. Stage and Wagon only problem pieces
    12-21  -> Stage successfully converted to gmod (With small change)
               -> Wagon is still unwiiling to cooperate with GMOD
    12-23 -> Wagon officially in GMOD
               -> Undo changes made to stage (for new compileing method)
               -> Download for the gmod version has been added
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can someone put this on steam?

вот бы под CINEMA 4D сделали(

KayMan13's avatar
what about trxieis bag she whore in to wear and back agian
Miss-Moon-Art's avatar
Any Trixie models anyone knows of?
Tjeb's avatar
Used your model in a rather unusual way:
OMG, my neighbour has built a Gypsy Wagon by Tjeb  
M00N-CHASER's avatar
LittleDashiee's avatar
Wow..HUGHE PROPS. Thanks bro ;-)
BB-K's avatar
Wow, the poster too. Now that is something will make any magician proud.
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Great stuff dude! Faved!
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Wow, this is a lotta Trixie stuff.
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I have feel what this set toys :D
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that's some good shit mate!
Rozbojnik2's avatar
Amazing! : D

i bet it's too much to ask you to putis on gmod workshop thou? i not wanna make problems, especially in CHristmass

Merry Chrstmass too! trixxie props are amazing : D
daimando's avatar
I swear you guys really enjoy modelling these for Source Filmmaker(And GMOD).  XP
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