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(DL)(SFM) Tree Crane



Welcome, one and all, to the latest model for you to consider adding to your collection. Now, I know what you're thinking, "What could I possibly need that thing for?" Well, allow me to answer your very good question. Say you want a nice clear field. You just want to lay about and enjoy the sunshine, but OH NO! The trees are blocking your view and leaving you in the shade. That's where this beauty comes in. With new patented technology, the machine can grab any tree and simply pull it from the ground. Instant nice warm sunshine for you to enjoy!

Features of this wondrous machine:

Complete compatibility with SFM!
Bones to rotate the main platform, articulate the boom, and grab tress!
Fuzzy dice!
All terrain tracks!

That's right! This can be yours right now by simply clicking the download button over there! ->
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May this be used outside SFM ??