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(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Villain Costumes (pt1)

UPDATE: Added Male versions of the costumes. To download just the male versions ( )

Just in case something happens, releasing these costumes now!

Chrysalis Costume:
-2 skingroups (1 for Chrysalis green and 1 for changeling blue)
-3 bodygroup Horn Sets (1 Chrysalis horn with crown, 1 changeling horn, and 1 changeling horn for unicorns.)
-2 bodygroup Wing sets (1 Chrysalis and 1 Changeling)
-Legs are separate model

-Not much as far as options...
-The shoes are separate (discord's feet)

-Mustache is bodygrouped for easy removal.
-Hat is separate model.
-Also, that tonic bottle. It's a too small a prop for it's own special release. So, here it is!
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the male link isn't working
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Male costumes are part of the main download, designated with the M_ in the file name. Link has been updated for the male only DL. (Villain Male Only)
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That feel when you don't know being powerfull Discord or have entire army as Chrystallus..........Models are lovely too much :33
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!   C:\Users\Tim\Downloads\_dl__sfm__gmod__villain_costumes__pt1__by_dracagon-d9dz1iu.rar: Unsupported archive format. Please update WinRAR to a newer version.
!   C:\Users\Tim\Downloads\_dl__sfm__gmod__villain_costumes__pt1__by_dracagon-d9dz1iu.rar: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

Care to fix your file, please?
Dracagon's avatar seems to work just fine for True Blue and AskShyLuna. I changed the download to a zip file. See if that helps. ^-^
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Looks great! the way, you wouldn't mind if someone used this model files to overhaul certain characters with them, would you?
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Wouldn't mind at all. Which ones did you have in mind?
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Flim and Flam. Those two haven't even been updated to V3 yet.
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Oh snap, these are pretty rad, good work as usual.
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I'm design my costume myself!

Also, what do you think of my first model set project? (Need impression from a model LORD)…
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This is cool. I see someone has taken their work leave seriously XD
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hm speaking of Flim and Flam you know someone that can make those models into overhauls?
ShyLunaSFM's avatar
YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! Thank you so much! ;3;
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