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(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Shrouded Armor

"Welcome to the Dark Hoof. Here's a little welcome present for you."

This is part of a special group project. Just a small sample of what we have planned. ^-^


The hood and mask can be removed via bodygroup. (The mask was not designed to work by itself, but the hood is.)
Both a male and female version is included.
+20 to sneaking
muffled movement
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So begins another contract.. written in blood.... HAIL SITHIS! >:)
darkbladebrony's avatar
pony dark brotherhood armor? awesome i cant wait to use them in gmod.
FFFGG's avatar
I am not brony but damm these things are well done. If someone can make a Neloth pony with his funny face i will laught like mad.
serious-sam-64-64's avatar
IS it okay if I reskin it? I'll credit you for the model. If not, then that's okay.
serious-sam-64-64's avatar
Thanks. Can I also reskin the 50 Excalibur and the Neophyte Shadowslayer? I'm reskinning models for a Gmod series of mine and I'm not good at making 3D models (mainly because I don't know how to)…
Dracagon's avatar
Again, sure ^-^. 
TheARTHunter's avatar
Dah Fus Ra!

Awesome work. ^^
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Enter the family. Welcome to the Dark Brotherhoof.
I love it, thats so cool.
Sockiepie's avatar
excellent! I'm loving the straps 
Dannytheguardian's avatar
So anyone can use this
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No, only members of the dark hoof may use it. Unless you somehow manage to defeat one of our members and steal their armor...

(Yes you can use the armor however you want ^-^)
Dannytheguardian's avatar
( that is what I mean 😉) hmm heh well then I say bring it on !
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