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(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Mercury

Need a (non-crystal) messenger to deliver a letter? Look no farther than Mercury!


Custom Messenger Outfit
Open-able Bags
Wings on shoes (so you know she's fast)
Gmod and SFM support

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It's very nice to see a 3d model of my favourite crystal pony! <3

In The Crystalling, and a screen in Games Ponies Play she can be seen without the crystal effect.
If you'd consider it, perhaps you could alter the colours of this model to those more vibrant colours
she has without that effect, and offer that as an alternate download? If you don't that's fair though, I just wanted to mention that thought.

I also can't help but mention..
Mercury's eyelashes are thick and have one tip, like Maud Pie's.

But regardless of that, great job making her! :)