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(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Mailmare Uniform

Neither snow nor rain nor high winds will keep these ponies from delivering your mail to you!

The mailmare uniform is finally available to download. Feedback from testers show this should be setup in a 'user-friendly' way vs the original setup. Here's hoping it's better!


1) Multiple skins to change the name on the nameteag. Just put your name in the black rectangle.
2) Don't like the nametage? You can simply turn it off via bodygroup options!
3) Hat has it's own bone so it should fit multiple manes.
4) Hat still causing problems? Turn it off via bodygroup option and use the separate hat model!
5) Mail bags are located on both sides and have seperate bodygoup options. (Left is on by default and Right is off)
6) Mail bags have 3 options. Empty for you to fill as you see fit, full if if you want to setup quickly, and turned off completely!
7) Custom package and letter for your mailmare to deliver!
8) Full SFM and GMOD support from the beginning!

Thanks for the feedback from the various testers!

How about a version for Stallions? Well the going trend seems to be to hold certain things hostage until some sort of goal is met... If this gets 1,000,000 favorites, or someone genuinely wants a male version, it will be made. ^^
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