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(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) EQG Mirror

Edit: Can't believe I done this twice. The materials were placed in the wrong folder. They should be fixed now.

The SFM Ponies group has started a model list (…! One of the things on it were the EQG mirror. Why not give it a go? Works in both SFM and Gmod.

Any adjustments you think should be made. just comment them down there.
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Mind if i use this i'll give you credit!
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"The page you were looking for does not exist."
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T.T I am going to take a hammer and break that thing apart!
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Where Do I Find It On Gmod? Where? Please Reply And Tell Me Please
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It's not in the gmod workshop if that's what you're asking. The download is to the right up there. Just drop the gmod files into garrysmod/garrysmod.

In game, you hold q and click in the search bar. Then type mirror, and it should appear in the list.
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to be clear

this mirror doesn't just go to the human world does it?

cause I don't know
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It goes to the EQG world.
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Where I Gonna see It I Can't See It At Gmod :( :( :( D:
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I know it goes there
but could it go to any other universe
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It can go anywhere. One person re textured it and made it go to a cupcake universe.
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Months ago, I thought of an idea for Gmod/SFM models based on the Equestria Girls characters.
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What was your idea?
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I just told you. But the reason why we can't make them is because we need to tell Valve about this idea.
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I heard CreatorofPony is working on it at Blender.
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hey Dracagon, I can't find it in gmod workshop??
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Mind if my friend uploads this on the SFM Workshop? You'll get credited for making it.
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Sure. Go for it.
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Now the only thing we need is...real Equestria Girls models and sources in Gmod :3 :3 :3
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If this really works in Garry's Mod too, then I suggest you to submit this into the :icongmod-ponies: group as well. SFM-Ponies is not the only primary Source group you know. :P

*Checks the gallery* I see that you have a quite handful models there. Why don't you submit them into the :icongmod-ponies: group too, if you haven't done so (provided that they also work greatly in Garry's Mod).
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Now all we need is its horse statue counterpart.

Even if we don't have EQG models to go with that, at the very least it would be a new horse statue for Ellis to admire.
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