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Edit: According to Glabber, the wheel will work in GMOD! The control box did not. Went back and fixed the control box! Tested and works in GMOD(*with the use of the lovely edit bones menu option)! Since I really don't want to make a small update, I redid the wheel for GMOD! Don't ask me what happend, but you can move the wheel with the physics gun! I'll admit, it will only makes two rounds before it stops. The ragdoll tool don't care though. GMOD peoples, let me know if this is better for yall or what changes yall want. I'll try to do the other models the same way if yall like it.

This is the Dizzitron. Its purpose? To make you very dizzy.

From the Wonderbolts Academy episode, is the Dizzitron.
Dizziton has bones to spin the big wheel as well as the smaller side wheel. The control box has the levers and arrow both rigged with bones. The buttons can be pressed using the flex for them. The little panel with green bars features 7 flexes. 1 for each of the bars
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in Gmod, the Control box is invisable. I don't know if this problem shows up in SFM but there's a good chance.