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(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Clothes



From R -> L

Alchemist -> "An alchemist changes things for the better."</i>
Most of the pieces can be turned off via bodygroup. Everything except the main 'coat'.
The fill in the bottles is separate for an empty bottle effect.

Dark Ballerina -> Was gonna make make Twilight's ballerina outfit, but someone better had already started.
Has an earlier version of the bat bows.

Noble Outfit 1 -> Meant to be part of a clothes pack from...well it doesn't matter now.

Gothic Outfit 1 -> A recreation of our favorite Gothic fashion designer's designs. Inky Rose...

Sera's outfit -> A re-imagining of the vampire armor from Skyrim.
The back cape pieces have bones to move them separately from the back legs. Unfortunately, this doesn't work in gmod. The cape bones, the outfit itself still works.
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can you tell me what file in forlod i need to put in for not make a mistake!, i really want to know for i can use it! i fond what i need to do but is the right file i need it to put it in!