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(DL)(SFM)(GMOD) Airship V2.0



Edit: 5-2-2020 Updates requested by d0ntst0pme

    -Wings, wheels, and balloon are now bodygrouped (You can turn it into a rowboat ^^)
    -Second skin (It's red)
Misc Fixes

    -Cleaned up textures some

Edit: 4-24-2020 Now with a download button! (Thanks Fauna!)

Newly re-modeled, the airship v2.0 is ready for you to use. The best part? IT'S GMOD COMPATIBLE! There are a few differences between the gmod and sfm version, but there is only 1 model to worry about.

SFM Only Features:

 - Animatable prop via bone

GMOD Only Features:

- A physics model that allows you to actually put things in the boat and grab most of the ship for manipulation

Features in both:

- Built in solution for the prop via BODYGROUP
    1- SFM Animateable Version (Stationary in GMOD)
    2- Prop that spins by itself
    3- Weird texture that makes the prop look like it's spinning very fast
    4- Blank. Add your own prop

*Does not override the old version in case you like the old version.*
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hey, I have a map from ed plus, I just miss textór and if I wanted to go to the dropbox for other textures it was a mistake, how would you give me textures?