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(DL)(Gmod)(SFM)Passenger Car with interior!

Edit 4/2/14!: The Gmod version has been made! A few pieces were changed for the gmod version. Some notes about this version: 1) The car dissapears if you look up at a certain angle. From my research, this is built into gmod. 2)The windows are not translucent. The translucent command does nothing and the alphatest command makes holes in the textures. Optoinal1) I cannot pose in gmod!

Update! I do apologize. I forgot to rename some of the paths on the textures. They should all now be fixed. Secondly, the lamp model has been updated so that the lamp at the back and front can be removed via bodygroup option. Needed this option for the next car.

On the rail. You can go and meet old friends, or you can even travel with your friends to a new future. Or maybe you have to leave friends behind. Whatever the case, you can travel in this very comfy passenger car! With our favorite conductor, Fluttershy!

This only works in SFM. The bones will not show up in gmod, and for some reason, the windows merged together into one massive blob. It was like some horrible horror movie.

*Note for SFM users. The lamps are a separate model. They're not to hard to place. Each door has their own bone.

Now I must ask, if you see anything wrong let me know. This will not work with the old train models. This one is tons bigger. I'm working on the other cars as well as a new train engine. I just need feedback on whether or not this is a good start or if some dimension is off.
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Can I get a version for blender please?
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Can't wait for this to be finished for Gmod!
No rush though. You have your priorities, after all :)
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Hoho, wonderful! :D :thumbsup: This will make a nice eye candy when you have your separate model train which looks small on the outside, the next camera shows your interior. :) Or unless the whole passenger car becomes so enhanced in size so that the interior can be fit just like in real life, even the same for the famous Hogwarts Express. :)
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Nice! Oh no...the ideas... OH NO!!!