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Update 8/21/2018 : closed for a while

**Please read ALL my Terms Of Service before**

accept both Paypal and Points
$1 = 100Points 

I can do
Bullet; Green males
Bullet; Green females
Bullet; Green kemonomimi
Bullet; Green angle, devil, etc that resembling human
Bullet; Green unusual skintone(like blue pink green) is ok

i don't do
Bullet; Red furries/animal
Bullet; Red mecha


Bullet; Blue Don't send payment until I accept your commission
Bullet; Blue I'll be start after recieving payment
Bullet; Blue No refund please
Bullet; Blue please don't rush me ;u; i can open my computer only evening Friday-Sunday
Bullet; Blue I have right to decline your commission if i think i cant do it ;u;
Bullet; Blue If you not sure that I can draw it or not please ask! xD


1.Sitting icon : start prices = $10 or 1000Points per one icon

Example :

my oc's icon : Feather by DRabbitz  Ykkurai by DRabbitz  Aliceta by DRabbitz  Neo by DRabbitz  Gene by DRabbitz  [Commission] Digitan by DRabbitz  Poringrenger by DRabbitz 
more examples here sta.sh/22dt08y17h8q

Details :
 *all icons can blinking
 *have 10-20 frames

Pose :

1.Pixel Base4 by DRabbitz  2.Pixel Base2 by DRabbitz   3.Pixel Base3 by DRabbitz   4.Pixel Base1 by DRabbitz

smile / grin / big smile(?) / little scowl / poker face / giggle
 *limited 2 expression per icon
 *maybe I'll be add more lol

Background or object :
 *you can choose only one ,backgroud or object
 *background or object will be static
 *object can be an small animal
 *if you want bouncing object like ex.no.4 is ok
 *+$1 if you want both background and object

please send me a note with this form if you interested sitting icon
Subject : sitting icon commish
Character : clear ref. please QvQ
Pose : 1 ,2 ,3 or 4
Expression : smile only (like ex.no.1) / smile and big smile (like ex.no.3) / poker face and smile / little scowl only (like ex.no.4) /etc.
Background or object : please attach some ref. if possible YuY
Facing : pan left or right [ pan left was like my icon ]
White outline : yes/no
Payment : Paypal / Points

2. Weather reporter icon : $7 or 700Points  per one icon

Example :
50*50 pixels
weather reporter icon by DRabbitz

Zoom ver. / 100*100 pixels
Reporterbig by DRabbitz 2big by DRabbitz
more examples here sta.sh/2o34lj91y9j

Details :
Bullet; Blue All icons can blinking, bouncing ,and talking
Bullet; Blue Same base
Bullet; Blue No extra animation
Bullet; Blue you can choose background color
Bullet; Blue If you want a big file please tell me (is free)

Weather : choose one
Sunny / Rainy / Snowy

Expression : choose one
Smile / Poker face

please send me a note with this form if you interested wether reporter icon
Subject :
WR icon commish
Character : clear ref  plz
Expression : smile / poker face
Weather : sunny / rainy / snowy
BG color : red pink blue green etc.
Zoom ver : Yes/No
Payment : Paypal / Points


1. Dot eyes page doll : $15-$20 or 1500-2000Points per character

Example :
DDDDD by DRabbitz [C] NosiaValel by DRabbitz
Renneki by DRabbitzEntityOdarkness by DRabbitz

Details :
Bullet; Yellow +$1-$5
for big object like ex.2 (denpending on detailed)
Bullet; Yellow take long time to finished ;v;
Bullet; Yellow No animation included! except you want it to blinking please tell me (is free)
Bullet; Yellow I will send a sketch to you to check only I don't sure about a pose

please send me a note with this form if you interested Dot eyes pagedoll
Subject :
DE pagedoll commish
Full body ref. : clear ref. plz
Detailed : pose, expression, blinking, etc.
Payment : Paypal/ Points

2. Chibi Pixel doll : $15-$20 or 1500-2000Points per character

Example :
D+CON by DRabbitz[R] Rerica by DRabbitzTao by DRabbitzkurimu by DRabbitz
[AT] Jump2537 by DRabbitz[C] Black-quose by DRabbitz[C] Black-quose by DRabbitz

Details :
Bullet; Pink Blinking is included
Bullet; Pink +$1 - $5 for extra animation
Bullet; Pink I will send a sketch to you to look only I don't sure about a pose

please send me a note with this form if you interested Chibi pixel doll
Subject :
chibi pixel doll com
Full body ref. : clear ref. plz
Detailed : pose, expression, etc.
Payment : Paypal/ Points


New 3. Mini Pixels : $11 or 1100Points per character

Example :
64*64 pixels
1 by DRabbitz2 by DRabbitz3 by DRabbitz4 by DRabbitz

128*128 pixels (Zoom ver)
1-b by DRabbitz2-b by DRabbitz

Details :
Bullet; Purple Walking animation is included
Bullet; Purple No extra animation
Bullet; Purple Detailed character will simplify
Bullet; Purple This's NOT an icon
Bullet; Purple
No charge for Zoom ver. If you want feel free to tell me

please send me a note with this form if you interested Mini pixels
Subject :
Mini pixels commish
Full body ref. : clear ref. plz
Zoom ver : Yes/No
Payment : Paypal/ Points

Feel free to ask! XD

maybe i will be add something later lol

© 2015 - 2021 DRabbitz
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CrimsonVampiress's avatar
Could I be put on a waiting list for an icon? (and notified when they are open again?) 
DRabbitz's avatar
sure! once i open i'll notified by reply your comment! c:
Tenixia's avatar
Are these still open? 
Tenixia's avatar
Yay! I'll send a note!
shadamy20's avatar
DRabbitz's avatar
this is on hold till 18 May during my final projects, sorry YuY
shadamy20's avatar
MorticiaSmith's avatar
are you still open?
DRabbitz's avatar
sorry for replying late
still open!
dre-tama's avatar
are these still open? :3
DRabbitz's avatar
Yup c: it's still open
dre-tama's avatar
I have an OC that I would like a pixel commish of, however I don't have a full body reference, just a half body - would it be a problem? would I be able to tell you what her full body would appear as?
DRabbitz's avatar
I think that's okay but if you attached some reference photos such as shoes, pants(or maybe skirt) that you want. it'll really appreciate xD
Queen-RooniiSuu's avatar
Subject : Sitting Icon
Character : Rabbi Mom by Queen-RooniiSuu
Pose : 1
Expression : Giggle
Background or object : The background could be like the first example uwu;;;
Facing : pan left
White outline : No
Payment : Points
DRabbitz's avatar
Hello, only background right? Because the first example has a yellow star(object) too
then it's cost 1000 points 
but if you want both it will 1100 xD
(maybe it'll not similar the first example at all because i accidentally delete that file for long time, i have to make a new one lol)

and what about her eyes color?

if you okay please send points by gift or donation pool 
thank you c:
Queen-RooniiSuu's avatar
Both will be fine!
Apologies! Her eye color is green as well- the exact shade of green doesn't matter but preferably a light green!
sinboo's avatar
Subject : 
chibi pixel doll com
Full body ref. :  xiana / totts bsproj by okbae  (idk if this is clear enough.... if not its ok RIP)
Detailed : s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/7… < pose (her head can be normal and not tilted)
expression: i.ytimg.com/vi/Mn3Bzu3hOYY/max…
Payment :  Paypal
DRabbitz's avatar
Oh okay xD 
about the pose, do you want her hold heart pillow like in the ref too?

btw it's cost $15
please send payment by this link

thank you
sinboo's avatar
I paid! and instead of a heart, id like it to be a bunny pls. xoxo tgytytyty
DRabbitz's avatar
okie dokie xD
sinboo's avatar
tysm! im so excite ;o
MaoButt's avatar
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