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October 24, 2021
Realm of Doriath By DraakeT by DraakeT
Featured by Ellysiumn
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Realm of Doriath By DraakeT


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Object  3d - Blender
Thanks a lot for the Daily Deviation completely unexpected because when i upload a work, i do for personal fun and to share some info to people at my same amatorial level interested to these things.
Thanks for the time for this to Ellysiumn  that leaving apart this DD is one of the elements important for this socialmedia. Thanks DD or similar activities indeed is possible discover or new artists or cool art....all always useful to learn.

Settings zoom browser to visualizate correctly the image: Firefox zoom 80% - Chrome zoom 75%

A little dedication to 2 Guru of this sector Johnson-Mortimer…
and Kaduflyer

Details: 3D Blender - Engine used: Evee (because my graphic card with Cycles doesn't manage fog)  // Ps.

About the Title: Doriath (Sindarin IPA: [ˈdorjaθ]) was an Elven realm, the land of the Sindar that existed during the latter-half of the Years of the Trees and most of the First Age of the Sun. (linked to Ents)
After a long long pause finally a new upload! My first 3D creature sculpted + Environment!


Personal mushrooms sculpted by me using a simple sphere.

Finally come back....after long time. With many ideas for next works.....if don't explode a second pandemy haha Well in reality i was ready some month agoo.....but in summer with hot temperatures no way to stay back a pc!!

2-3 years agoo for the first time, I felt the necessity to integrate 3D in 2D in many in the following.……

Not be able to change perspective as i wanted, using the resources i wanted...has been always an huge personal limitation. Limitation enhanced by the fact im not able to drawing\painting!
So 1 month agoo finally i decided to study 3D. After 1 month, this is what im able to create actually.
In reality after 2 days following a tutorial i created my first primitive\basic asteroid....Like pure beginner the satisfaction to have created my first asset\resource is so cool!  

of course more study means be able to create advanced and refined rocks\asteroids!

5 September, after some day, I created my first water sea 3D //


And the day after another type of water, for me cool so i can create my specific water for my temple scene i have in mind for long time :

On the net there are tons and tons complete tutorials where is possible learn all from A to Z! If you are thinking to start 3D you can....I mean its not necessary be a megamaster with special skills!
The only requisite is a solid system, with a strong graphic card and at least 16gb ram. Anyway with a normal pc is possible use this software simply to calculate a perfect perspective using primitive geometries and then use them like guide.

My first idea was sculpt a creature but then i decided to go beyond and try also an enviroment to support this creature. I imaginated this tree creature inspired by Treebeard - Lord of the Rings.....walking in the depth of the earth. Well inspired to Doriath an elven realm....but if you know Lord of the Rings.
I upload also a backstage of this work, when i was exploring an underground world.....and how build it...well into a dark cave the light is pratically zero, so has been difficult find a good give maximum importance to my creature! Well i know this work in each detail, so my eyes have lost the surprise and so i don't know if the entire creation  works good for the final public! I mean there is the feeling of underground world i was looking for!?!
Personally in mind i had in mind those atmosphere relative Moria and i followed that inspiration. Anyway about Dungeon in the time i created different sketches but no way to create them as i wanted, but finally i can! This following was my first experiment of the first days, exploring some bridge for my dungeon. As you see its red because i didn't knew how change materials\textures

After 1 month, i can't pretend more than this! conclude PS is always essential.....

FREE CREDITS 3D (some of them can be used also commercially as well specified by authors in Download section):

Various elements like columns (and similars), sculpted by me, using a simple primitive cube.

Detail on Head:… By guillaume.biju-duval
Spider:…  By DigitalLife3D
Wood:… By National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk (Poland)
Mushrooms:…  By Gwappa
Mushrooms on Creature:… By mrrobot
Mushrooms:…  By Mykola_Pirogov
Tree:… By Daniel Gryningstjerna
Crystals:… By Xillute | Dev
Skeleton:… By Huargenn
Texture Rock:… By Rob Tuytel
Texture Wood:… By Katsukagi
Door:… By Slayver


Mushroom:… Jean52 
Tree Trunk:… midnightstouchSTOCK 
Vine:… Geekophelia 
Rock:… ISOStock 

DETAILS TREE:… stock4profs 

Light Beams:… Tigers-stock 
Cobwebs:…  PaulineMoss 
Dust:…  Hameed 
Fireflies:… xnienke 
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© 2021 DraakeT
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Dani-Owergoor's avatar

I'm so late trying to reach all deviations in my dashboard...

This is amazing and unique! Really cool scene... Nice to see you adventuring in 3D!


DraakeT's avatar

Thanks again again :D I love the freedom given by 3D!

Lance023's avatar

this really is a fantasy always has been nice work.

DraakeT's avatar
Amaranta-G's avatar

Wow! Incredible work and congratulations on your DD, well deserved! :clap:

DraakeT's avatar

Thanks a lot! 😏

mrvux's avatar

Really nice mood and atmosphere!

DraakeT's avatar

Thanks a lot! mood and atmosphere are always part of my workflow! and this case, being my first 3d work they have been my first priority 😄

mshellee's avatar

Congrats, my friend! Outstanding!

DraakeT's avatar

Thanks a lot! 😄

iloveGOD1985's avatar

this was on the day of delosi.......

iloveGOD1985's avatar

2nd catalog, very 4.

maiarcita's avatar

It's amazing!! :love:

I love the things that can be created with 3d:nod:

DraakeT's avatar

Thanks a lot!

Yes you can create pratically all....clouds, fire, oceans etcc....and more realistic than the real life!

In this following video nothing is real....

maiarcita's avatar

In Spanish there is a phrase that says "put long teeth", which means: To provoke in a person a strong desire or envy for a certain thing.

Maybe in Italian you have something similar to describe what I feel after having seen the video ... :psychotic:

caddman's avatar

Beautifully done ...:heart:

DraakeT's avatar

Thanks a lot! 😉

caddman's avatar

your welcome Luke...:)

Digitiel's avatar

Finally! Congratulations on DD Luke! I love the idea and perspective! I am sure you will be great at 3D

renders :clap:

And yes, it looks like a cave.:sherlock:

DraakeT's avatar

Thanks a lot Jan! 😃

KarahRobinson-Art's avatar

This is amazing Draake! Very Detailed! I too am trying to learn 3D! You are always an inspiration. Congrats on the DD :hug:

DraakeT's avatar

Thanks a lot Karah!! 😄

Oh really? Fantastic!

In 2 months of studies is possible create cool things! actually i could build an entire castle :D and recently for practice i built a cave in less 1 hour...

In the first month all basic concepts and tools and interface....anyway following complete lessons from A to Z......excluding the part animation of course!! the second month im gone in depth on the previous concepts of first month...So actually my global vision is more more clear. I have to complete some concept expecially that relative Baking....very important and then i can compose something of complete. Studying the second month......i understood that my first work could be realized much much better!! but its ok and normal because is impossible learn in 2 days!!

In the second month anyway i learnt all concepts to build pratically eachthing...So i know perfectly how add for example these leaves in this following video....and anyway create all that visible in the following scene...included the work on lighting. This to say....blender at begin is a bit traumatic...but then is easy like Ps.

Anyway on the net is full of great artists.....but only few explain good. one of these is for sure Grant is really fantastic explaing

KarahRobinson-Art's avatar

Thank you for all this wonderful info And links!!

I just discovered Metahuman creator by Epic Games. They are giving free early access to people. Check it out! Pretty awesome program to have for characters. 😘

DraakeT's avatar

i already studied that part 2 weeks agoo :D Because use a regular 2d stock image human model in blender is not possible but not impossible.....there are different ways and that is one of these.

When you discover how to create armour, clothes etcc....than you can imitate a real 2d stock image.

All concepts linked to various some little example attached here. Well of course you have apply these concepts to clothes, armour etcc...

Of course im talking about reality the best way is set the size of your real subject in 3d and then use that reference to apply your image model 2d after the render....but to do this is necessary build an enviroment match with same perspective of 2d subjects! This way is more easy and realistic......But if you know also the other way you can create cool combinations. i know because had tried. But i have no hurry about this point

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