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Legend by DraakeT

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To visualize the original brilliant tones Adobe Rgb:…


Dedicated to: :iconpetronellavanree:… and :iconsyliou:

Tiny Shiny Dragon Ball My priority was that to create something of visually depth and intense.....of course my eyes are saturated and im not more able to understand if this goal has been successful or less. In any case i tried.

:star: Credits:  

Used with gentle Permission of
:iconkaduflyer:… I had used this same creature here…………………………
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Fantastic work as always :clap:
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I do these little exercises when i want focus all my attention on tones and so to acquire more experience enlightenment (sgv-2) enlightenment
This practice help me in huge works where i must keep undercontrol hundred tones.....a sort of mystique experience 2016 NaNoEmo - #3 Prayer Beads 
Thanks a lot :wave:
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Great mood and lighting
DraakeT's avatar
no lighting no party in this work
thanks a lot! :D
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:wave:  Hi Luke ! I'm back ! 

Great work my friend ! I really love this work :clap: 

Good Job on the background 

I like the depth and colors and the little creature  Love 

Thank you very much for Your kind dedication I feel honored  :blowkiss:
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im happy you like this little piece!
Thanks  a lot! :wave:
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you're so very welcome Luke  Hug 
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Well done! The atmosphere you've created is superb. :)
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thanks a lot my friend! im glad you like it! The atmosphere were the real goal of this piece! many time the atmosphere is understimated. Im trying to improve also this important topic.
theSong's avatar
Yeah, creating a convincing atmosphere can be complex, but it greatly intensifies the speech of the image and the emotions it conveys. You're on the right way, keep it up!
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Omg! This is another piece that I see it as epic!
Your lighting and other techniques are incredible and I love all your artworks!
The creature you created is also perfect!
DraakeT's avatar
i love this little piece!
Thanks a lot! :wave:
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Hey Luke, you finally have this beautiful work finished. I know that you had this in mind for a long time. I truly love this scene, the light in the background is just soooo beautful and I absolutely love that creature, she is gorges.
However the scene on the right hand site is perfect and beautiful, color etc. Personally I find the left side very dark on the bottom part and would love to see just a little more of the mushrooms. But that is me........
Grrrrrrreat designHeart Heart Heart 

Thank you sooooo much for mentioning me Luke, it means a lot to meHug 
DraakeT's avatar
The speach about tones is always infinite. In reality not all people will see the original tones like the original. Each country of the world use differents profile. 
In any case a good configuration of the browser can let us to see tones in a way enough good! for example i see that part mentioned by you really excellent....yes dark but i see enough details. but......if i save the work without converting the profile from Adobe rgb in sRgb and i upload the work....i will see that part ultra dark with few details, burned from the black! the variables are really complex :D a "normal" user is not interested to these i know at 100% many people will look this work with poor quality tones ----> sRGB
Only expert people will see this work with Adobe Rgb 1998 simply because this is the real profile used by me....i know few people know these things.
Leaving apart profiles relative tones,  i divided the scene in 2 parts because this is always a great trick to create visual interest.  OMG BB's Cat Dance 
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wow, this is stunning Luke, love the scene:love:
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Thanks KarinKitty kitty - Dont care 
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Excellent art work!
DraakeT's avatar
thanks a lot
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Fantastic work my friend. :)
DraakeT's avatar
thanks a lot!
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You're welcome. :)
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Great work and I like the mysterious feeling! :heart:
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