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Andorhal Town by DraakeT

Andorhal Town by DraakeT
No Commercial/No Profit

Im sorry but you can't visualizate this work/your works correctly if you don't follow a precise procedure.---->…
This is a giant problem if you work with graphic and i don't know why this information don't is still in FAQ section. But i know people, thanks this, are
fixing this issue!

The system don't let upload text over i can't write informations about this work. So i write them here ---->…
The first thanks goes to carancerth :iconcarancerth: and his permission to use his glorious images!

The second thanks goes to :iconatriellme: and his permission to use his impressive works!

The third thanks goes to :iconvertfey:

You will find the relative links in credit section.
FEATURE stock and photomanipulation
My special feature stock goes to ----> :icondarinanet:… and used her images in this work!

My special feature photomanipulations goes without doubts to… :iconarchityran: because i support
works with excellent sizes i mean not stamps! and he show/teach also how compose a scene with multiple characters with a logical sense....I mean not characters
pasted randomly on the scene.

213 images used
Globally 40 hours on/off....I work always 1 hour each day.....this hour divided in the entire day. The time is the real enemy. but in that hour i try to do the
maximum i can.
Cronology: 1549 layers used (you know don't means there are 1549 layers....but Ps say that before the final version i used 1549 layers.
but few important the number of layers and images! The important is the final work.
I write always 66 credits each hour...There are 213 3 hours and some minutes to write all them. They are important.
Created 15 potential structures.

I chosen the Title of this work thanks :iconcarancerth: In his gallery there are signpost with cool names. Till yesterday the title was Untitled1 haha
and for real actually i hate give general name.....arggg call this work with the title "medieval" was like destroy the honor of my hard work.

The topic medieval is always fascinating. This is my vision...The original idea was a typical medieval place, cloudy + raining + the model
and ok i liked that idea/formula but not this time!

So in the time, i changed completely idea (thanks images in my database)! The idea i hope is clear: Little village/town + partial dark - partial light
with a little scene "animated": the blacksmith, the tavern etc..

USED WITH PERMISSION :iconatriellme:
Basket with mushrooms:…
Shield blacksmith:…
Dagger blacksmith:…
Forging tools blacksmith:…
Elven blade blacksmith:…
Blade blacksmith…
Axes blacksmith:…
Pole weapons blacksmith:…
Weapons blacksmith:…

USED WITH PERMISSION :iconcarancerth:
Model villager:… :iconcarancerth:


Model Main villager:… :iconvertfey: (Used With written Permission :pat:)

Model 2 villager:… :iconeirian-stock:

Model 3 villager:…

Model window:… :iconfaestock:
Model Gate:…

Model Gate:… :iconailinstock:

Model Gate:… :icondarinanet:

Model Gate:… :iconmizzd-stock:

Monk:… :iconbarbieri49stock:


House:… :iconhermitcrabstock:
House Gate:…
House Gate:…

Castle faraway:… :iconjean52:
Lamp Post:…

Ground:… :iconmasyon:

Barrel:… :icona1z2e3r:

Tree: dreamcatcher-stock.deviantart.… :icondreamcatcher-stock:
Tree: dreamcatcher-stock.deviantart.…
Arch Gate: dreamcatcher-stock.deviantart.…

Ornaments: camp_1_by_tasastock-d4jjnrr :icontasastock: (in storage...its a great sin)
Gate: avebury_stone_circle_4_by_tasastock-d49bqua (in storage...its a great sin)

Tree:… :icongatetodreams:
Roof top castel near dragon:…

Castle: Castle:… :iconcemacstock:

Forest/Ground:… :iconalp-stock:

Forest/Ground: forest_path_by_raeyenirael_stock :iconraeyenirael_stock:

Dragon:… :iconkimmy-k-stock:

Ground:… :iconelanordh-stock:

Ground:… :icontinalouiseuk:

Ground/water: fotostyle-schindler.deviantart… :iconfotostyle-schindler:

Water:… :iconalissadstock:

Animals:… :icondewfooter:

House:… :iconcat-in-the-stock:

Apple:… :iconmagicladycharm:

Staff enchantress:… :iconstock-cmoura:

Little Warriors:… :icondewfooter:

House:… :iconelandria:

Tree:… :icontigers-stock:

Door:… :iconphotodash:

Animals:… :iconspecialoftheweek:

Statue:… :iconcompot-stock:

Fountain statue:… :iconalissadstock:

Street:… :iconbeef-stock:

Ladders:… :iconbstocked:

Smoky kettle:… :iconmithgariel-stock:

Castle: wdwparksgal-stock.deviantart.c… :iconwdwparksgal-stock:

Gate:… :iconmalleni-stock:

Model fireplace:…
Barrels Gate:…
Wall-Ground Gate:…
House Gate:…
Muddy Ground:…


Shield blacksmith:… :iconjean52:
Barriere blacksmith:…
Enseigne blacksmith:…
Wooden Block blacksmith:…

Shield blacksmith:… :icondragoroth-stock:
Armor blacksmith:…
Armor blacksmith:…

Ground blacksmith:… :icona1z2e3r:
Candles blacksmith:…

Candles blacksmith: darkenedheart-stock.deviantart… :icondarkenedheart-stock:
Candles: darkenedheart-stock.deviantart…

Sword blacksmith:… :icontheladyamalthea:
Armor blacksmith:…

Blacksmith:… :iconbeledra:

Wood blacksmith:… :iconcd-stock.:
Roof blacksmith:…

Blacksmit/Rocks:… :iconvalerianastock:

Drago blacksmith:… :iconkyghost:

Armor blacksmith:… :iconewariel:

Sword blacksmith:… :iconstock-cmoura:

Apple:… :iconeirian-stock:
Model Gate:…
Model Gate:…

Partial House:… :iconcd-stock:
Partial House 2:…

Boat: wintersmagicstock.deviantart.c… :iconwintersmagicstock:
Ornaments: wintersmagicstock.deviantart.c…
Rope: wintersmagicstock.deviantart.c….

Tree right:… :iconmoonglowlilly:
Rats:… :iconmoonglowlilly:

Sea/Ground:… :iconsalamander-stock:

Death Tree:… :icongracies-stock:

Galleon:… :iconjean52:

Apple:… :icona1z2e3r:

Gate:… :iconesmeralda-stock:

Water/pond: penchantedwhispersart.deviantar… :iconenchantedwhispersart:



Clouds:… :iconselenys-stock:

Clouds:… :iconfantasystock:

Clouds:… :iconoddmountain:

Clouds:… :iconcd-stock:

Clouds:… :iconesveeka-stock:

Clouds:… :icondanarart:

Clouds:… :iconjonasdero:



Signboard:… :icondragoroth-stock:
Ornaments Gate:…
Blacksmith Weapons:…
Rope Cart:…

Bird:… :iconquiet-bliss:
Dog Gate:…

Tarot la lune:… :iconnostalgic-stock:
Tarot la morte:…

Vegetation:… :icontwins72-stocks:

Door Gate:… :iconrowyestock:
Signboard Gate:…

Flowers:… :iconvladlena111:

Animal:… :iconabsurdus:

Elk:… :iconjewelsstock:

Goose:… :iconsirkeht:

House Gate:… :iconobjekt-stock:

Doog Gate:… :iconfallen-cherubim:

Ground Gate:… :iconfairling-stock:

Signboard Gate: maliciarosnoir-stock.deviantar… :iconmaliciarosnoir-stock:

Pork Head:…

Plant:… :iconwesley-souza:

Mushroom:… :iconfoadii:

Mushroom:… :iconrandomflashbang:

Mushroom:… :iconsteppelandstock:

Cart:… :iconwess4u:

Post rope boat:… :iconfairiegoodmother:

Shere energy:… :iconisostock:

Torch castle: grannysatticstock.deviantart.c… :icongrannysatticstock:

Spider: free-stock-by-wayne.deviantart… :iconfree-stock-by-wayne:

Fireflies:… :icondarkbeforedawn23:

Potions:… :iconstock-karr:

Spider net:… :iconseiyastock:

Bow:… :iconm1-carbine:

Helm:… :iconscratzilla:

Sparks blacksmith:… :iconthemartianx:

Dust:… :iconhameed:

Deactivated Account: black_widow_spider_02_by_wolverine041269-d636a4i

Barrels Gate:… :iconarchistock:

Skull:… :icondracofemi:

Arch:… :iconkaons:

Chicken:… :iconnexu4:

Ground:… :iconmisstock:

Boat:… :iconmzkate:

Lamp: thecopperdragon2004.deviantart… :iconthecopperdragon2004:

Footprints mud:… :iconstock-gallery:

Model Gate:… :iconwolfcatstock:

Skull: christasvengel-stock.deviantar… :iconchristasvengel-stock:

Mushroom: christinaisabella.deviantart.c… :iconchristinaisabella:

Ornaments:… :iconcoolzero2a:

Books: violettalestrange.deviantart.c… :iconviolettalestrange:

Vegetation:… :iconchamberstock:

Flowers:… :iconcyborgsuzystock:

Squirrel:… :iconmomotte2stocks:

Cat:… :iconduzulek:

Bird:… :iconchop-stock:

Flowers: eveblackwoodstock.deviantart.c… :iconeveblackwoodstock:

Cat:… :iconmoranox-stock:
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marinapikoso's avatar

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CREAZY WORK!!!! I can't believe that somebody has patience to do all that!!!


DraakeT's avatar

:giggle: Thanks a lot!

I remember this amatorial piece with love, because there are many friends in this work and they are part of my personal visual story Nick - Icon

I didn't used rules in this piece (too long explain) but in my mind i try always to imagine this work created with perspective rules the next future i will evaluate all.

To create a piece like this is not required lot patience. When a writer, write a book, do you write it in 1 day? No....

The same thing with an huge piece like this, you work it slowly in the time piece by piece and to do this is necessary keep a diary digital or on a paper no problem....The important is keep annotations of your ideas...Wich ideas? All ideas that your fantasy is able to produce each day! So one day i imagined

this girl, arrived in this new town after a long travel with that sailing ship to begin a new life.

She was watching the dark sky that represent the uncertainty of a new path...but necessary!

So i have simply tried to imagine the life of this place where she was going to live. Well Iribel (Eirian's model) the model looks an Hollywood actress


This exercise in the months and years help to build your own personal creativity......All people can do this exercise.

for this reason for me stock is important! if one day you decide to create other stuff and be part of some of these stories i will be happy to add also you :D And why some future new Andorhal town...but please with the legs and complete body :rofl:

and just for fun and personal curiosity......if you were been in this story, what part would you wanted to play?

for example something like the girl sleeping (in my story she was an enchantress) and dreaming something of relaxing? dreaming and watching fallen stars

Zoom Details Andorhal 2
Amanda-Wakefield's avatar

Thank you for directing me here, this helps alot! I do have a question though, do you collect all of the stock in your piece before you start, or as you create the artwork? I often find I'm either overwhelmed by the amount of stock in my inventory...or underwhelmed by what is available. Which then leads to me being uninspired to create. :cries:

DraakeT's avatar

@ Do you collect all of the stock in your piece before you start?

No, because when you start is useless and above all it block your brainstorming\creativity! It kill also the fun!!!

You have to feed your brain with ideas and at the same time images......

I never know the end of the work at the begin.....i start to visualizate the end only at 50-65% of the global work.......If the work is huge, i develop the main idea slowly in the time......many times the original idea can be totally different by the final idea...

The pilot images at the begin....(they can be different also 4-5 images...or simply 1 or 2) help to start the work......The topic and your main idea is important, extremely important.

At this point, for me are most important ideas: I want built a victorian train station ----> what there is into an abandoned victorian train station? -------> and you start to write personal annotations about your this topic-ideas.....(At this time enter in the scene your experience: Movies; books; art; games etcc)

but at the same time you have to start an aggressive test of potential images on the field.....into your psd. I call this part a sort of visual brainstorming. Sometimes this process is fast but others not. for this reason when is hard\difficult, i close all and i reopen it another day.

To recap in few words i built all on the fly.......and annotations help the process. Reminds, you control the images and not the opposite :D You are the director of the scene!

For example for this work i wanted a statue, but not a normal anonymous i simply start to browse my folder and to test each single potential images into the the end i choosen this statue because it was cool and it had also a great tonal affinity..(of course between an image or multiple images and another i take a pause by the stock images and i spend time on the tonal life of the image: lights-shadows-colors....More the global images has an high tonal harmony and more you will be able to visualizate a potential further develop of the story.

Forgotten Train Station by DraakeT

Well each one has its own workflow.....but sometimes i combine also annotations into the psd. So next time i reopen the work i know i have to search for example a good bench and some interesting creature. When i arrive to 65-70% of the global work, it become more fun because you have only to add elements on the global scene. Build the main structure is another essential point.....few important if at the begin it looks empty.


Well in reality actually for me is more easy because i create a personal grid, because the grid is always personal......custom grids are useless if you don't know all the rules back!

On the grid i add various element in perspective......i mean add element random on the scene uhmmmmmm at the end is complex if this is huge and above all it generate confusion and many times also loss of interest


Recently i created this try to generate curiosity.....and to say, that is possible expand our art\tecnique.

Amanda-Wakefield's avatar

Thank you for taking the time to teach me, I really appreciate it. I'm going to incorporate your wisdom into my next creation. I think I need to allot myself only a certain amount of time each day to work. Then close it and go back the next day. I'll set a timer and take breaks. Do you recommend sketching out your visualization before adding in stock images? I've heard others say this is best for focusing?

DraakeT's avatar

@ Do you recommend sketching out your visualization before adding in stock images?

In these years i understood for me is useless. Why? Because im not able to drawing\painting!! :D A little detail! haha

This method is cool if you are able to drawing......but in photomanipulation is hard-complex.

Ok......try to create the sketch of your dreams......then you have discover the right images able to fit in your sketch :D a pure mattepainters is able to paint something doesn't exist......but for me is impossible do this!

So instead to use sketches i use images! :D

This is the "sketches" inspired

Than i built all the rest around!

Hogwarts some hour before Christmas

- "Sketch"

Islands of Adventure 103

i built all the rest around

Hogsmeade before Christmas by DraakeT

The same concept also for the other work!

I choose some pilot images and i built all around

Knocturne-Diagon Alley Extended by DraakeT

Is obbligatory have the idea and topic? Well no.........

Before open PS.....many times i browse random images......and when i see something of cool, i start to dream on the relative image....This is personal...linked to the personal experience. When i see an image i see always many stories...but this is thanks the experience.

This is also an exercise to develop the creativity in the time..

Amanda-Wakefield's avatar

I have trouble with this part of the process, always. Because I can't draw either. :shakefist: I have a lot of trouble with perspective too. I still have A LOT to learn lol. I just lack the patience lately...

DraakeT's avatar

Perspective grid follow the perspective rules. When you learn all the main rules, you can produce more fast because you have to follow your personal grid. You have well clear the scene front of view and you have only to add elements like a monkey! you follow a precise logical scheme and not something of random.....

for this reason an high % of manipulators have huge issues because they don't know where start and how proceed....When you apply something in the do this applying them in some random part of the scene......and this generate tons troubles! This is also the reason because tons people use creating in portrait cut!

I build the grid on the main pilot image.......then i simply add elements on my grid, following it with a precise logic.....So you don't have issues and the procedure is more fast.

I show you this little example.......thanks the image of the lady of stocks @Elandria Elandria

Island Retreat 11 RESTRICTED

I calculate very easily where is the horizon, i build quickly a perspective grid and then i start to add elements...i can add other buildings of course expanding the area or add simply some subject......As you see i simply choosed my fav subject and then applied on the scene with the correct proportion.....I didn't applied nothing of random.....but i followed only some simple rule....The goal is always one....each element you add must to be always in harmony with the others.....i mean same perspective; same proportions etcc...

Clipboard Image (1)

the grid help us to create the right proportions for example of the models.....If you check this other following image, the horizon and the perspective grid say us the right proportions of the models you have add! So your duty is only that to choose your fav model and add them following the height of the lines....of course the following image is in eagle view, so you have to add subjects with the same eagle view!

I invite you to save the following image and use it like immediate exercise to understand my it in ps



Ok now take this following MONK.... @Barbieri49Stock Barbieri49Stock

enough compatible with the previous scene of that painting....and reduce the proportions of it till they don't match with the same height of the models you see in the scene......why the same height? Because i don't think you know how those rules works :D This is only an example to try to show you how is easy apply models when you use a perspective grid.

Monk Stock
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marinapikoso's avatar

That's really interesting thoughts for me, because I always hurry to finish the art works. Now I will do like you said.. small step by step to do something special. Your example with writing book is to the point. Thank u for your advices!

And as for your question... hmmm... me doing something magical of course! )) But I'm not sure that I will upload another stock with me. May be another person. As I said I like doing art works with another people, not with me )) So I shoot myself very seldom

DraakeT's avatar

Of course feel free to create\try\experiment what you want, when you want always with fun ;P

marinapikoso's avatar

Yes, but check my last free stock photo with full body 😅 I have found something. May be it will be useful for your art works.

DraakeT's avatar

haha yes i saw! Fantastic!

sarahkoz's avatar

So talented just unbelievable.

DraakeT's avatar
AgataKa19's avatar
whoaaaa, so many happening here, but it all looks so natural and interesting. It was awesome to find  those cool little details. Awesome work
DraakeT's avatar
Thanks a lot very gentle! :salute:

In my mind there is always the idea to come back on this work to create a new version....but this time with perspective/proportions rules.

Yes this work has been extremely funny but as you can imagine, it has been difficult using only free eyes......Impossible work with free eyes with articulated work!

I studied and im still studying perspective rule world because i understood how much is important follow perspective rules and so following a precise structure. I mean the procedure of realization of the work is more natural and
"easy". For example this was one of my experiments with 2 point perspective Forgotten Train Station by DraakeT by DraakeT
For these reasons today when i see again for example this Andorhal Town, i can see all mistakes of perspective and proportions.

Of course im at the begin of this new path and the world of perspective is really articulated but the important is keep on doing practice.  But you know this because in your gallery i saw many exercises with different perspectives and you can't create them if you don't know some important drawing rule.
AgataKa19's avatar
yea thats really cool : D
I had alot of fun learning perspective, but now when I need finish work fast I use cool helping tools for that.
In clip studio paint which I mostly use you have perspective rulers which make outlining perspective nice and fast. You can take a look at this feature, maybe will be helpfull for you too.
DraakeT's avatar
I understood..i saw 2 tutorials: one relative the use of various grid and one another relative perspective rulers! Very cool because there is a great freedom relative the "customization"...and this help a lot, as you said, the workflow.

Anyway actually i got a personal workflow well precise and i use personal tools and i do all more with relax. For sure i don't have the same level of customization but i can realizate the same things with some more step..But its not anymore an issue.
At the begin my focus was all on the grid; horizon, Vp (so by by work)......i still remember part enough traumatic but actually the grid is only an help. I mean my focus now is on the main visual story and how develop it....I mean, im not anymore slave of the grid. I use it when necessary.

See you next :wave:
AgataKa19's avatar
Yeah : D
 its good to know what tools are avaiable in the market if you will ever need them.
DraakeT's avatar
Yes! About tools as always is few important wich tool use, the important is reach the goal. Personally in the time i tried expecially at the begin some extra tool like for example Carapace...the typical tools able to generate-calculate the horizon and grid automatically based on the perspective of the image. And then you can import this grid in photoshop. I had tried also other things
but at the end i was always usual use a combination between brush for horizontal-vertical lines and generate the grid with PS....of course using various tranform tools to adapt these lines. There are different steps in great % all manual but actually i create them very fast almost automatically.
All this to say, the important is keep always under control the perspective then few important if you use 1000 or 100 or 2 tools :D
photorip's avatar
:wow: just amazing on the amount of work this must of taken.... :#1: :clap:
DraakeT's avatar
Well yes :D Thanks a lot!

The work is wrong because i didn't used perspective rules for this reason In my mind there is always the thought to rebuild it from zero. Who know!
Anyway 2 years agoo has been extremely funny build this.
photorip's avatar
Even though the perspective rules may be off, it still is a 'masterpiece' when it takes 2 years of dedication of study and learning.  I still like it... :D

I am looking at creating a stock folder. However I am hesitating because of 'internet pirates'. While most DA artist, like your work,  reference back to the stock images,  there are 'photo pirates' that create web pages claiming they shot the photos.......

Thank you for the suggestions :happybounce:
DraakeT's avatar
Internet is the exact mirror of real life! There will always be good and bad people simply because this is the human nature. The perfect society exist only is some good sci-fi movie

So to stay secure on the net there is only and exclusive one way: disconnet all.....and to stay secure in real life live into a bunker forever.

For this reason is a waste of time and really useless live in the fear.

Many people upload manipulations in 700x600 + watermark on.....In few words impossible see the work! I close these, in half second.
Personally i upload my work in high res + no watermarks because i don't want live in the fear and reduce the quality of my art. i follow these things about for 2007 and sometimes i saw some work used like Christmas card :D
Who care! i don't stop and i will ever block my art-fantasy for this!

This is my point of view!

Feel to do what you want:salute: 
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