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Finally, I finished after spending time, on and off, coloring this monster. Now that it's over, time to get back on task...

I tried to color these guys as accurately as possible, and I edited the original line art, which could be found here, to correct some of my horrible errors I made--most notably Galactus' head and Nick Fury's gun. I also cut a halo around every character to alleviate the crowdedness of the line art, as suggest by ~bloody-red-sporks, and I thank her greatly for that. Hopefully this works out. The hardest part after the coloring was to finish the whole piece off and make sure all the characters aren't too crowded together to be indistinguishable. For example, I tinted Galactus to make him blend more into the background. I just hope all the colors helped out.

Now I'm afraid I might get some kind of carpel tunnel syndrome by using the mouse so much. I should really invest in a tablet...

So here is the list (... again...), from left to right and top to bottom:
- Blade
- Sue Storm, a.k.a. The Invisible Woman
- Johnny Storm, a.k.a. The Human Torch
- Iron Man
- Silver Surfer
- Dr. Strange
- Ms. Marvel
- Ben Grimm a.k.a. The Thing
- Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic
- Spider Woman
- Colonel Nick Fury
- Spiderman
- Galactus
- Luke Cage
- Captain America
- Deadpool
- Storm
- Ghost Rider
- Elektra
- Thor
- Daredevil
- Wolverine
- Iceman
- Black Panther

Drawn with mechanical pencil, inked with various pens and brushed on India ink, edited and colored with Adobe Photoshop using an optical mouse (and the keyboard, heheh).

Play the game and enjoy it! Man, I wish I had an X-Box 360 and X-Box Live... I could download 8 more characters... Oh well, the regular X-Box is good enough...

Edit: Thanx to ~HalloweenSora's comments, I decided to change Galactus' nose since it was not abstract enough to fit the overall style. Hopefully this version is much better than the first one.

Other versions:
- Original line art
- Hyper contrast version

All characters and 'Marvel: Ultimate Alliance' © Marvel, Ravensoft, and Activision.
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Awesome Human Torch 😁