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Illustration 05

Sorry it's categorized under Games... The Movies & TV section doesn't work under the Painting category.

Fifth illustration assignment. This assignment called for rendering an animal or creature, real or fictitious, on a figure-ground painting using gouache (opaque water colors).

Using the figure-ground method, made this painting less time-consuming, probably cutting the time in half or more. Since this picture contained mostly black, I started off using a black-colored ground, using a black illustration board, and painted opaque water colors over the parts that had those pigments of colors. Since I limited my palette, the colors I used were primarily white, yellow, orange, red and green.

Godzilla again, heheh. This time with Mothra and Megalon. Click "Download" for a higher resolution image.

Reference image can be found here.
I just added Mothra and Megalon in there for fun, because my teacher jokingly suggested they be in there, heheh. The original image is a scene from 'Godzilla: Final Wars'.

Painted with gouache paints on black illustration board. I don't think I'm good at painting at all... Only if it looked like this...

Godzilla, Mothra, Megalon, and 'Godzilla: Final Wars' © Toho co., ltd.
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That's Awesome!!! Good art, dude.
RiderB0y's avatar
GojiRaaaaaaa~!!!! 0 w 0
LordSmog's avatar
This looks great!!!! I like Godzilla movies and the other Kaiju, great work.
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm a fan of the movies as well.
rockzilla411's avatar
friggin wicked awesome
fegie's avatar
Gouache? That's amazing. I have trouble with gouache, so... i definitely commend you. And it's got Godzilla & Mothra in it. ;)
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I want to do more with gouache, since I still have a bunch left over, but I need to find the time for it.
fegie's avatar
You're welcome. :) I've got some left, but i just use it for whatever. Still haven't really got the hang of it, & am almost out of white & yellow. But it's so expensive...
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Tru, the good ones are always expensive. Try and buy really cheap ones--the brand I used for this project sure was. The brand is Reeves and the box set costs around $11, with the colors in moderate sized tubes. Some of the tubes I haven't even used, heheh. I'm assuming they will last forever, if not for a good number of years, if you don't use them often.
fegie's avatar
I don't know which i got-- i forgot to buy them for class & had to get them from the university store, so they were individual & expensive. :p I'll definitely keep an eye out for a cheap set, though. :D
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Yea, individual packets of the stuff is really expensive, and the school stores usually like to take student's money anyway. I'm sure your local art store might have the Reeves set around. Good luck hunting!
fegie's avatar
Yeah, seriously. > <'

mikegodzillasapp's avatar
what in the 7 gay blue hells...YOU ARE GOD!!!!!
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lordzasz's avatar
Amazing! Godzilla has always been one of my favorites and you painted him (and Mothra and Megalon) brilliantly!
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Thanx (^-^)! I want to make more paintings like this... but I really have to find the time to...
lordzasz's avatar
Yeah, I know how that is. I had a painting class last semester...but I wanted an A, so poor Godzilla did not come near my canvas. :( I might paint something for fun over January, though.
AyaneShinobi's avatar
Well're just good at every media, now, aren't you? ;) Seriously...I'm finally having the time the go through everybody's galleries (actually, your gallery is the first one I've checked since I've been back!) and I can't believe how much I have missed. Wow, the texture on Godzilla is really good. I can almost feel it with my hand. The lighting is great & I like the dark, omnious sets the mood perfectly.

Good job on painting Mothra as well. Not sure who the other guy is, but they all look very intimidating.
Eternal-Mothra's avatar
OMG this is really good!
HecRPD's avatar
Its Magnificent!
ultranic-comics's avatar
Seriously I thought I was looking at the 1960 movie poster for godzilla..

Very impressive
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Thanx (^-^)! I want to practice more with this medium in the future--but only time will tell I guess...
C-y-n-d-i's avatar
O______O I really can't critique this because I don't have the skills.

I just wanted to come gawk in amazement. I was coming in prepared to report a violation and saw it was done by hand. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! You are GOOD!
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