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Illustration 03

This is a scratchboard illustration of Jazz musician Carl Kress.

Something totally new and different for me. This assignment was the first of the reductive technique assignments I had to do for class. In reductive work, things are removed, rather than added like in pencil and ink drawings. So with that, I had to work negatively, removing everything from the scratchboard that was white in the reference photo. Aside from working negatively, I had to scratch out parts with a knife tool--something totally different from the usual pencil drawings.

Surprisingly, the teacher said all students had the best results when working in this medium. I will definitely work more in this medium in the future.

Done with 112 point scratch knife on black scratchboard.

Reference image can be found here.

Original photograph © William P. Gottlieb and The Library of Congress
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Pretty amazing. Critique? I can't see a damn thing wrong with it
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
RxQueen3's avatar
this is wonderful!
Obscuri's avatar
dA needs more scratchboard! This is absolutely gorgeous. :)
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Indeed. I have some scratchboard left over from this project that I should use to make more pieces--however, they are well over a year old from when I got them, so they'll probably be a pain to scratch into, heheh.

Thanks for the comment!
Ukki-chan's avatar
Omg, I just love the shadings, good work <3
kt4d's avatar
Absolutely beautifully handled. Scratch boards can be a real pain, and this has turned out wonderfully! Not to mention, fantastic subject!
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Yea, I can see that scratch boards have that potential. Thank you for your comment! Hopefully I'll return to using this medium sometime.
kt4d's avatar
You're welcome. I hope you do, you handle them wonderfully.
o0O-PILLOWFIGHT-O0o's avatar
Oooh the strings would of been hard to do...

o0O-PILLOWFIGHT-O0o's avatar
Very Very Cool...

Altho in the gallery it looked like HITLER playing BB Kings Gat...


DRa90NBoi's avatar
Heheh, what?!

Thanx for the fave!
amidrinestudio's avatar
Hey! Look at my gallery and you'll find something very similar! Great!!
disruptedswansong's avatar
i love teh angle.. nice work.
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Me too, heheh. Thanx for the comment (^-^)!
AyaneShinobi's avatar
This is done with a scratch knife? What the heck...why are you so good at every single medium you touch? *_* You truly are an amazing artist! Really, you are. It's really awesome & great that you are able to work with so many mediums.
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Yea, I should make some more scratch board art. But in time, in time...

Thank you very much (^-^)!
ultranic-comics's avatar
This is the coolest thing Ive seen all week. You reproduced it so flawlessly, I never knew you were so good at recreated realisim.
DRa90NBoi's avatar
I didn't know I was either, to tell you the truth. I guess just sitting down and doing it so it'll get done really pays off--patience, concentration and persistence are key. Thanx for the comment.
Nelleke's avatar
This is really, really amazing 0.0
Sketchfighter316's avatar
Wow! This is awesome, man. Must of took a while to finish this one, right? I get a real cool feeling when I see this pic. Great job on the details. It looks like a real photograph when viewed from afar.
DRa90NBoi's avatar
Yea, it did take a while, but not too long. I worked on this almost exclusively in class for about 2-4 hours daily, for 3-4 days.

Tru, I like this kind of work because of that. It really looks good from far away, but when you get real close and look at the details, it looks so abstracted, that you can't make anything of it.
Riikahi's avatar
looks like a real photo! Awesome job!
amy-kawaii's avatar
Woww I love it!!!! really nice work....

very real xD
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