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the ART of war

By dra-art
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A worn-down pencil... One of the most beautiful things in the world, in my opinion.

 So, I noticed that none of the eraser ends have been used. Does that mean nothing should be erased, and every thought and even mistake is valuable?
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Nicely placed message.
not only the tittle of a great and wise story written by Sun Tzu but also a hint of a logic to the phrase "The Pin is Mightier then the sword", and a concept that literature is in its own terms Art.
good job :)
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Interesting concept NICELY DONE. :D 
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That's gunna leave a Mark!    Fantastic!    Thank you for this fave
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Super, super, super..........................................................& super Like...............
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Amazing concept! I am blown away.

I couldn't even realize this is made in 3D program, I thought it's photo, due ot massive amount of details.
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the pencil is mightier than the gun
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Myślałem, że to 3d. Ten wysypany ołów wygląda trochę dziwnie w rejonie gumki. Coś nie tak z perspektywą.
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To po to sie mnie pytales o magi AK :D Epicko!
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да товарищ
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BANG! BANG! You're dead!
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