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important regarding eclipse by DR4VENZ, visual art

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yeah call the mentally ill paranoid child rude
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i love how im going between 665-666 watchers HBAJKHSBLKDS
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ok twitter was unlocked dont owrry
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Hey mang here's this unfinished Sonic/Kancolle crap I've been fucking with. Enjoy!


Sonic one day sharted ass asparagus and it was horrible. Small children were killed during the excursions of his ass. Sonic decides to go off and fuck all of the boat girls because real women terrify him and are likely to rape him for three days straight while drunken British internet men make fun of him and his rapist. Sonic lies about his age because he is a 54 year old sex offender and gets lumped in with all of the destroyer boat girl things that all freak the fuck out over the sight of a blue, humanoid demon assed hedgehog thing who had raided a 2000's era Hot Topic, complete with a red Happy Bunny t-shirt that said "you suck and that's sad". Ushio tried to punch him in the face and she did despite Sonic's superior male physique being able to fend off normal female predators and underage cosplay strippers alike. Sonic cried like a bitch while Murakamo laughed and called him a blue nigger, because she is a racist and also a MAP-supporting nazi who still believes in the official corona virus story which is why she's wearing a mask with the words "Fuck you" on it with a swastika as the period. Sonic ran away from those mean, stinky girls while peeing himself, inadvertently leaving a trail for the girls to follow. Shigure lapped up the pee because she's fucking stupid and is basically like a dog just like how some of those comics portray her as a idiot dog girl with a shit dick. Yuudachi was dead for no reason and nobody really cared because it was the pre-Kai Ni version of Yuudachi with the smaller boobs.

"Ushio rottweiler death force," said Ushio; metamorphosing a demonic rottweiler made out of burnt hot dogs and Ryuujou's castrated genitalia, womb, frontal lobe, flat chest, and all ten of her toes to hunt down Sonic the Pizza Slut, as revenge for his deceitful Chuck E. Cheese pedo tranny ass allowing SEGA employees to beat the shit out of her at gunpoint and to dump burnt hot dogs all over her while online strippers got off to it, among other horrors.

"Sazanazi that cumming" said Ushio's stupid, racist pinko bitch friend who psychotically defends pedophiles on the internet vicariously through the Leagues of Legends fandom.

Akebono was stabbing babies for the Spanish royals because she had a penis and the admiral wanted to have it cut off so he can turn it into a dildo so his hairy asshole can rape her disembodied penis for the rest of eternity against her will which is soul rape and therefore Akebono had the excuse to kill him and his family for being such a shitty admiral since Akebono is stupid and has no boobs to distract from the fact that her only real personality trait most people care about is hating her commanding officer who is usually a pedophile or otherwise a dumb fat fuck that creeps on teenaged (and younger) boats. Akebono kills herself after this was pointed out in order to hide the fact that she is a pathetic loser who helps murder children for the Bourbon royal family. Akebono will be scraped from existence and so will anyone who masturbates to her.

The other boats were busy watching awful Sonic porn because their porn addiction has gotten to the point where they need to read about and see Sonic and his wonderful friends being fucked up their chili-dog holes to death at gunpoint by various Hollywood pedophiles and underaged anime cosplay strippers who all worship white supremacist rhetoric and propagandists such as Emily Youcis. Tsuhima in particular wanted to become a white boy's butt toy, she really wanted to get into that Ram Ranch shit. Shimakaze told her that only black chicks can fuck those hot ass dirty white boys from the Kid Rock music videos but Tsuhima is not black and she hates that. The boat girls also watch Bobby Hemmitt's lectures religiously, to the point where they think they're black. Hamakaze especially bought into this, eventually leading to her murdering all of the white human personnel on site and establishing a rogue black ethno-state military nation for the NFAC to crawl into at their leisure, while imprisoning all of the white boat girls for the purposes of grafting, for latter day Yakub-esque experiments so Hamakaze can better understand how to run those crackers back into the caves and kidnap their white women for sex slavery for both black humans and boat girls alike.

Sonic, like most of his pedophile furry pals, are compromised assets and informants working for the FBI. Sonic's real reason to be here is to assassinate Hamakaze because otherwise the feds will reveal to the world what Sonic did to those groups of black kids that went missing while on a school field trip for seemingly no reason. And Sega will stop giving him his comfy ass pats if they did that :( Sonic tried to stab Hamakaze with a knife just like the convicted sex offender and commanding operative Sonic is subordinate to showed him, but he fucked it up because he just jacked off to pictures of his boyfriend Tails being anally raped as a baby instead of training to kill Hamakaze and he got his stupid bitch ass beat by an emo girl alongside a bunch of muscle milk, whey stuffing battleship lesbos that niggers like Tim Pool would break down and cry at the sight of if he ever saw any of them out-lift a ten year old boy. Sonic tried to go Super Sonic but Nagato kicked both the ring(worm)s and the shit out of him and his balls and disempowered him and his super saiyan wannabe bullshit. Mutsu did a wigger chop at the back of Sonic's head and it made him go owwie and Mutsu felt kind of like a bitch but its okay because she's still hotter than him.

Just then, a fat mutant animal faggot attempted to stop this pro-Black Lives Matter assault on Sonic, his boyfriend and also molester. Both at the exact same time, but he's fat and dumb and also a furry so nobody gave a shit.

"LEAVE SONIC ALONE!" said the fat ass freak named Tails. He was also gay but that's not particularly relevant at the moment, I just wanted to point that out. The shitty girls got spooked since they're cowards and an obese fox pussy that smells bad was challenging their rightful race war. Oboro was the bitch that had to ruin it all by trying to kick Tails in the nuts, but here's the problem: Tails is too fat! Tails is so fat that not even he can find his own nuts, much less Oboro. Oboro's foot gets absorbed into Tails' fat rolls, Homer Simpson style. The metal boot she was wearing quickly turned into a fatal liability as the pressure of Tails' fat fucking gut combined with Oboro's kick being absorbed into the gut had caused his belly to apply extreme pressure on Oboro's foot, warping and smashing the metal against her foot and breaking it apart in a matter of seconds. Oboro cried like an Obummer after being called out on not having changed shit in America for the better and passed out and died since that is realistic and stuff and also I got sick of writing that bitch anyway. Kongou was next as she revealed her allegiance to the LGBT and pulled out a taser, intending on forcing electro-shock therapy on the frontal lobes of the already retarded fox queer who will go off and molest children just as Sonic had molested him after this very scene that is taking place right now. Naganami wanted to shoot Tails in the head with an actual gun instead so she can give him a lead lobotomy while calling him a dirty white cracker and then run off to send more titty pics to her online (black) boyfriend. Naganami fucking hated the LGBT more than she hated Sega furries and decided to shoot Kongou in her cunt-sucking mouth, laughing like an idiot while doing so. The shitty assed girls went straight to shit after that, and a whole lot of shooting started. Tails somehow avoids being shot long enough despite being fat as fuck to find Sonic and feed him his muffin in order to rejuvenate both his physical vessel and his faith and spirituality within the comforting light of Yahuah and his son Yeshua while praying to Saturn in a dead pre-Atlantean language that sounded like mentally deficient brain-death to everybody else in the heat of battle. Then he got shot to pieces by flotilla-grade firepower that rip the shit out of everything and Tails is now fucking dead hahaha holy shit I hated that fat ass mutant fuck. Sonic runs away like a little bitch, playing his aces low like a wuss that writes bad Sonic fanfiction instead of effortlessly beating all of the stupid girls in high-speed Muay Thai duels as if they were all Osama bin Laden from that one video game where you have to beat him up at the end of the game as if he were a Tool Assisted Speedrunner playing that fucking game. Sonic pooped himself this time and to his horror, it was chunky salsa instead of solid chili-dogs so the shitty girls will follow him. Sonic ran rapidly at rapid speed like the ultimate harem fucking idiot that he is, totally oblivious to his own incredible levels of racism against both humans and furries. Not the boat girls though, they're sub-human nazi-niggnaggs from darkest Yamato-ethnic dominated naval facility. Stupid ass bitches don't deserve to be treated as civilized beings and they know it.

Sonic cried and peed himself since his dark, tragic past had just became a whole lot more tragic, namely with his butt buddy Tails getting got by bloodthirsty savages. Sonic called 911 and the shitty cops laughed at him before he even told them his complaints. They were intent on gang stalking him since he had escaped the resulting Shitgirlocalypse that nearly killed everyone involved. Sonic was now being targeted by black losers with directed energy weapons that get paid to gang stalk people and think that having a reserve deputy badge gives them the right to electronically torture gay blue hedgehogs as well as humans who expose criminality.

A skanky male indeterminate-race crackhead afflicted with tuberculosis kept sending him holographic images of him having gay sex in prison with his ANTIFA and BLM boyfriends and the jail and everyone involved in the video including the guards and warden is in on it. Sonic hates this and attempts to watch KanColle poooorrrnnnnnnnn and yiffed rapidly at rapid speed like the asshole that he is, BUT THEN BLACK NIGGER DICK NIPPLES KEPT SHITTING ALL OVER THE KANCOLLE GIRLS BODIES AND BOOBIES SO SONIC CAN'T GET OFF WITHOUT CUMMING TO BLACK NIGGER DICK NIPPLES! Sonic cried and cummed and then ran off to J.C. Penny in a sad attempt to solicit (black) women and try to get a job so he can spend most of his income on taxes for property that he doesn't even own and never would've even if he wasn't a gay ass racist blue hedgehog pedophile asset being let out on pannage by the feds while being raped electronically by black people and now also shitty assed boat girls who are all deputized now and want to gang stalk Sonic to death so they can eat his flesh, poop it out, and then eat the poo poo, and/or make shit dicks out of to fuck each other with since boat girls canonically use high-tech Wi-Fi butt-plugs that allow them to teleport their poop around. Which they teleport right in Sonic's face as he was dropping a hot ass pickup line on an off-duty stripper (who was miraculously and legally nineteen years old despite looking exactly like 2020's Ellen DeGeneres) and next thing Sonic knew, Shigure's chili-dog had teleported right in his crap-sucking mouth. The Ellen Degenerate Lucifer Our Lorded out loud while saying the word "Lol" in order to express humour to the hidden cameras streaming to a live studio audience and to communicate to the audience that what they are watching is funny, and also patriotic, since a gross gay Hollywood woman(?) says so.

Sonic cried and then punched Ellen in her child-eating fuck face which barely did anything to her because he's a limp wristed pedophile bitch and the wrist-punch caused Sonic to break his wrist and shit himself again. Then he ran away from the scene before beefy white and black supremacist security guards managed to swarm him. :(

Beautiful. I came 8 consecutive times all while admiring my ten toes of course

Thank you so much for the watch! You are amazing! <3

anytime!! <3