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By Dr3amyPast3l
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Strengths: Furries, Ferals, Complex Designs, Canines

Weaknesses: Humans/oids, Clothing, Gore, Fandom Ocs

Wont do: OCS MADE WITH DOLL/OC MAKERS, Strictly Against NSFW!!!!, Sensitive content, Hate Speech, Description Ocs, Canon Characters

Side Note: As you can see below is that I had watermarked on certain spots of my artwork that may make some people uncomfortable about, Mind that I do not do that no more so no worries but that will not mean I will remove my Watermark to risk art theft. Saying this before you scroll through my prices, If you read this thank you for using your time to read this.

BTW - These prices DONT stack! If you wanted a Lineart Commission, Its that price but if you wanted a Shaded Commission, It wont count the lineart and colored prices, What says the price to the selected Commission goes with it such as, a Shaded Commission has lineart AND color, That comes together with it. But if its a lineart, It wont count what it doesnt come with!

DreamyPastel's Terms Of Service!


Sketch: 25
Lineart: 45
Colored: 60
Shaded: 75
Simple Background: 85
Complex Background: 100

Request by Dr3amyPast3l4th Place Raffle Art 3/4 by Dr3amyPast3l4th Place Raffle Art 2/4 by Dr3amyPast3lCommission by Dr3amyPast3l


Sketch: 40
Lineart: 50
Colored: 75
Shaded: 95
Simple Background: 110
Complex Background: 130

Free Artwork Winner 34 by Dr3amyPast3lHanako Kun by Dr3amyPast3lOswald by Dr3amyPast3lArt by Dr3amyPast3l

-Waist Up-

Sketch: 55
Lineart: 70
Colored: 90
Shaded: 105
Simple Background: 120
Complex Background: 150

bubblessssssssss by Dr3amyPast3l4th Place Raffle Art 4/4 by Dr3amyPast3l

-Full Body-

Sketch: 70
Lineart: 100
Colored: 120
Shaded: 130
Simple Background: 200
Complex Background: 500

[Commission] by Dr3amyPast3lOwed Art 4/4 by Dr3amyPast3lOwed Art 3/4 by Dr3amyPast3lFree Artwork Winner 69 (nice) by Dr3amyPast3lSum Art by Dr3amyPast3l


Chibi Sketch: 35
Full Chibi: 65
^^^(not so complex designs only)
Complex Chibi: 95 
^^^(for complex designs only)

3rd Place Raffle Art 6/8 by Dr3amyPast3lArt Trade by Dr3amyPast3lChibi Art 1/2 by Dr3amyPast3lArt Trade by Dr3amyPast3lCommission by Dr3amyPast3lCommission by Dr3amyPast3l
Meme: 20

mama by Dr3amyPast3l
100 x 100 Icon: 30
2 Frame 100 x 100 Icon: 60

icon by Dr3amyPast3l
Wiggly Icon (3-5 Frames): 150

Commission GIF Icon 6/6 by Dr3amyPast3lFlustered Raven GIF by Dr3amyPast3lCommission GIF Icon 3/6 by Dr3amyPast3lCommission GIF Icon 1/6 by Dr3amyPast3lLiz GIF by Dr3amyPast3l3rd Place Raffle Art 4/8 by Dr3amyPast3l

Small Animation: 350

GIF Experimenting by Dr3amyPast3lGIF Experimenting by Dr3amyPast3lAnimation Test by Dr3amyPast3lCommission by Dr3amyPast3l
Emoji: 15
80 for 6 pack

Discounted Commission by Dr3amyPast3lArt Payment by Dr3amyPast3lArt Payment by Dr3amyPast3l

Simple Reference Sheet: 200
Complex Reference Sheet: 500

Queen Enza by Dr3amyPast3lNight Reference Sheet by Dr3amyPast3l

Simple Custom: 250
Full Custom: 500 

(OPEN) Galaga Angel Adopt by Dr3amyPast3l(C) OTA Red Devil Vixen by Dr3amyPast3l(CLOSED) OTA Winged Kitsune Adopt by Dr3amyPast3l

- Lineless -

Headshot: 100
Bustshot: 175
Art fight 73 2020 by Dr3amyPast3lArt fight 72 2020 by Dr3amyPast3l


(on the same type of Commission)

Make sure what you want as a Meme if youre interested! I have the choice to make it either colored full body or a sketch!

Wanna pay with Paypal? Heres the Journal!
(Open) Dreamys Paypal Commissions
DreamyPastel's Terms Of Service!Please read this before commissioning, buying adopts, or anything with my services.Commissions- There must be a proper reference of the character you wish for me to draw, such as if you were to have me draw a fullbody of the character, there must be a reference photo I can use to draw them.- I will not draw your character in any different form as the reference I was given, resulting that if you wished for your character from a "bat" to a "deer" species, that is considered a custom commission, not any other commission which results in more payment. However, it is different if you desired your character in some sort of outfit such as a onesie, clothing does not change the design of the character, it adds onto it.- I will not draw characters that are made from a doll/oc maker, UNLESS They have a reference image that was DRAWN by YOU or ANOTHER person!- Do not repost my art whatsoever. I forbid any sort of reposting of any of my art. The only art I wont forbid being posted is on Toyhouse and Artfight (where you can credit me, the artist, there). Even reposting on your account with credit is totally not ok if its not on one of the two websites I allow.- Despite my age, I will refuse to draw any sort of NSFW. Do not pressure or bribe me to draw NSFW, I refuse to do any of that.- If you were to commission me for customs, It must follow my TOS beforehand. I will need a Aesthetic, Gender, Species and General Colors.- I will not draw a P2U YCH for your personal use. I only do themed YCHs for other people for me to draw their character in. I will never make any type of base P2U in any sort of way. Therefore, do not ask me to make you one and dont ask me if they can color in any of my artwork to mark as kin.Adopts- You may not resell my adopts. You may trade with someone but I dont feel comfortable they being resold.- You may change the design, but not to the point they are not recognized.- I forbid any type of reposting the adoptable on any site besides Toyhouse and Artfight that you can credit me there. I am totally not ok with people reposting my artwork in general.- Do not copy my designs. Period.- Do not mark as kin.- Once you claim one of my adoptables, You have a certain amount of time to give payment.Trades and Collabs- In art trades, I will wait until your part is finished before showing my part of the trade.- In design trades, I will provide WIPs as I work on it, then I will wait until your part is finished before showing my part.- In collabs, I will do my part as normally as I would, then I will pass on to the next person for it, however if I was the last to finish the collab or so, the last person will be the one posting it,- I will not draw characters that are made from a doll/oc maker, UNLESS They have a reference image that was DRAWN by YOU or ANOTHER person!If any of these were to be broken, It could lead the consumer to be Blacklisted.
© 2019 - 2021 Dr3amyPast3l
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Hello! If this is still open I’d love to get 2 full chibis please of these babs



Dr3amyPast3l's avatar

They seem rather complex ;; so i might have to up the price a little

HanahakiDreams's avatar

I can pay the complex price ^^

Dr3amyPast3l's avatar

Ok! Thatll be 190 points (i believe?) Sorry I havent responded Ive been awfully busy! Also I owe like 18 pieces of art right now but ill try to squeeze your commission in!

WastelandDreamer's avatar

if this is still open I’m looking to get a custom done if possible

Dr3amyPast3l's avatar
WastelandDreamer's avatar

Ah I’m sorry I asked around in a few places in case others weren’t open and I’ve already gotten one started elsewhere :(

DeletedDragon's avatar
Hi, I was wondering if I could get 2 separate commission. uwu
1 small animated icon of this; toyhou.se/7637794.- , character (are they
ok?) and 1 coloured headshot of this; drive.google.com/file/d/1Dpzuz… character.
So that is 210 points if you accept. ^w^
Dr3amyPast3l's avatar

Sure! send the points and ill work on it soon! Im currently on Art Vacation right now so itll take some time

DeletedDragon's avatar
Take as long as you need, I don't mind! ^^
Dr3amyPast3l's avatar

do you have a better reference of bluefire?

DeletedDragon's avatar
These are the other images I have on bluefire right now. drive.google.com/folderview?id…
Are any of them better? (the one I gave was not best quality, sorry [canvas size was 100x100)
Dr3amyPast3l's avatar

Its ok! one of the other pieces look clearer so thanks for helping me out qwq

NuggetTheDragon's avatar

Sorry I cannot get my shit together lmao, can I get a colored Chibi of these two characters:



Dr3amyPast3l's avatar

sure! they are complex though so itll be extra ^^;; Itll be 120 points

Dr3amyPast3l's avatar

Because of whats going on right now, I cant post anything on my account and the DA team is working on it right now but Ill put ur commission on Sta.sh and ill note you if i can

NuggetTheDragon's avatar

Alright no problem!

Dr3amyPast3l's avatar

DA still has that glitch which prevents me to do anything at all and i cant even note you but i barely been able to put your commissions on stash so here they are!

Dr3amyPast3l's avatar

tysm! ill try to work on them soon ^^

NuggetTheDragon's avatar

Could I get two chibis, one of my boio Flute https://toyhou.se/6902533.flute and one of Quincy? https://toyhou.se/7128567.quincy If possible can they be in one image together? If not it’s okie!

Dr3amyPast3l's avatar

Sure! send the points over and ill work on them soon. (Itll be 90 points for both since they arent considered complex)

NuggetTheDragon's avatar

Can I send you a note with some details on the drawing or do you just want to work with that?

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