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The Tsaagan Mangas by Dr-XIII The Tsaagan Mangas by Dr-XIII
Tsaagan Mangas

Length: 6 feet / 2 Meters
Height: 2.5 feet / 1 Meter
Weight: 90 Pounds
Raptor Type: Deinonychosaur (Dromae)
Mortal Enemies: Torvodonts; Oviraptors

The Tsaagan Mangas are what may be a species of relatively "ugly" Dromaes with a face only a raptor fan would love, and a beautiful-compared-to-the-head set of feather colors to match. I'm not saying that the Tsaagan Mangas is hideous, which is actually practical for eating carrion when not hunting, they just different facially from the rest of the raptors their type.

Deinonychosaurs, including the Dromaes, are infamous for their the large sickle-like claws, or "Sickle Claws".These claws will do huge damage to their enemies, AND their victims they intend to eat. Their teeth of these bastards aren't so nice, either. The Dromaes have LARGER Sickle Claws thier closest relatives, the Troodons (Troodonts); the Troodons, SMALLER Sickle Claws and teeth than the Dromaes. Reguardless, these animals can run at 35 to 45 mph, and can jump quite high and/or long. This is why they are called the "Ninjas of the Theropods"

Tsaagan Mangas are both hunters and scavengers, so they don't mind hunting as long as they are plenty of prey, even if it means rival members of your own species. However, they faced competition even from the more aggressive, and relatively "prettier-looking" Velociraptors [link] [link] Tsaagan Mangas' closest relatives.

Both the Tsaagan Mangas and Velociraptors live in Mongolia, wich explains such nasty competition.
Tsaagan の一コマ

長さ: 6 フィート 2 メートル
高さ: 2.5 フィート 1 メーター
重量: 90 ポンド
猛禽の種類: Deinonychosaur (Dromae)
不倶戴天の敵: Torvodonts; Oviraptors

Tsaagan の一コマです何猛禽ファンのみが大好きな顔で比較的醜い Dromaes の種があり、美しい比較-する-は、頭に合わせての羽の色を設定します。 Tsaagan の一コマは狩猟いないときは、腐肉を食べることを実際に実用的な恐ろしい、だとは言わないラプターズの残りから facially だけ別の彼らの種類。

Deinonychosaurs は、Dromaes を含む、悪名高いです、大きな鎌のような爪、または「鎌爪」これらの爪敵に大きな被害を行いますと被害者は意図を食べる。 これらのできそこないの歯もいいので、ないです。 Dromaes、大型鎌爪その最も近い親戚、Troodons (Troodonts); があります。 Troodons、小さい鎌爪、歯、Dromaes よりも。 Reguardless、これらの動物は 35 ~ 45 マイルでは、実行することができ、かなり高いや長いにジャンプすることができます。 これは"Theropods の忍者"と呼ばれる理由です。

Tsaagan の一コマはハンターと清掃、獲物、たっぷりである場合は、独自の種のライバルのメンバーを意味しても、狩猟気にしないので。 しかし、彼らより積極的な比較的"きれい"Velociraptors [link] [link] Tsaagan 一コマの近い親戚からの競争に直面しました。

両方の Tsaagan の一コマと Velociraptors モンゴルに住んでいる、このような嫌な競争について説明します。
Tsaagan Mangas

Pituus: 6 jalat/2 meters
Korkeus: 2,5 jalat/1 Meter
Paino: 90 punta
Raptor tyyppi: Deinonychosaur (Dromae)
Kuolevainen Enemies: Torvodonts; Oviraptors

Tsaagan Mangas ovat, mitä voi olla suhteellisen "ruma" Dromaes kanssa vain raptor-fani rakkautta kasvot lajista ja kaunis-verrattuna-to--päällikkö määrittää sulka värit vastaamaan. I 'm sanomalla, että Tsaagan Mangas on hideous, joka on tosiasiallisesti käytännön varten syöminen carrion, kun ei metsästys, ne vain eri facially raptors muualta niiden tyypin.

Deinonychosaurs, mukaan lukien Dromaes, ovat surullisen niiden suuri sirppi kaltaisten saksia tai "Sirppi Claws".These saksia aikoo tehdä heidän vihollistensa valtavia vahinkoja ja niiden uhrien, ne aikovat syödä. Nämä paskiaiset niiden hampaita ole niin mukava, joko. Dromaes ovat suuremman sirppi claws näiden lähinnä sukulaiset, Troodons (Troodonts); Troodons, LYHYEMPI sirppi kynnet ja hampaista kuin Dromaes. Reguardless, näiden eläinten 35-45 mph suorittaa ja siirtyä melko korkea ja/tai pitkä. Tämän vuoksi niitä kutsutaan "Ninjas of Theropods"

Tsaagan Mangas ovat metsästäjien ja puhdistavien, joten ne eivät mielessä metsästys, kunhan ne ovat paljon ilmenevä, vaikka se tarkoittaa kilpailevien jäsenten oman lajien. Kuitenkin ne joutuvat kilpailemaan jopa enemmän aggressiivinen ja suhteellisen "prettier näköisiä" Velociraptors [link] [link] Tsaagan Mangas' lähinnä omaisista.

Sekä Tsaagan Mangas ja Velociraptors elää Mongolia, tullioikeuden selitetään tällainen kavalat kilpailu.
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MaxterandKiwiKing Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why would it be ugly?We don't know if it was ugly or not.
Dr-XIII Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011   Digital Artist
I was not saying it was ugly. I was basing its face on the Torgos, or Lappet-faced vultures, and THEY'RE not ugly, either; just facially unique.
MaxterandKiwiKing Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
KyleSnibblebutt Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
KyleSnibblebutt Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
They resemble a turkey in soe ways....
Paleo-Beast-Emperor Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like this little guy. Haven't seen this one in a while. Also, I'd so hate to run into these nasty raptors, especially at night!
Allantsuki Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They aren't ugly, THEY ARE CUTE

And vicious XD
Dr-XIII Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010   Digital Artist
I didn't say that the Tsaagan Mangas are TRULY ugly; just facially different. The "relatively ugly" bit is that the Tsaagan Mangas looks more like a Torgos, or Lappet-faced vulture.
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