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Texas Chainsaw 50 yard dash

heres my texas chainsaw massacre tribute.
i kinda chose a weird scene but thats what you get when you draw leatherface first and then a couple months later come up with the background :D
anyways its not movie accurate but it was still alot of fun.
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I LOVE THIS MOVIE, IT'S MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, AND IT CAUSED ME TO HAVE THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON BUBBA EVER!!!!!!!!!! Love Love Love Love Love Love Chainsaw Chainsaw Chainsaw Chainsaw Chainsaw 
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Great job, I especially like the Hitch-hiker, he seems to be overlooked in these TCM tributes. I think they called him Nubbins in part 2 (well that's what they called his corpse anyway) Oh yeah, YOU'RE JUST THE COOK!
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THanks so much! Yeah he was a great part in the movie. I had to tribute him.
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Yesssssssss. Texas Chainsaw is my favorite horror franchise of all time. :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw:
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i do love leatherface.
thanks so much
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i remember that night they made me mad running away\
but dinner with a good excerciser isnt bad
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dinner on the run is good unless you get cramps
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Oi, i've found myself at your page again (last time i stopped by was...a really long time ago)
and just thought i'd comment,
because your work is consistantly incredible and a joy (hehe for us sadistic, gore-loving kind of people) to look at, so, i will most definately be back to check out any new stuff.

leatherface looks waaaay way way sick, it's awesome. your penwork is like..holy shit y'know?

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thank you so much for the kind words and uplifting comment. i truly appreciate you stopping by and looking at my stuff and am glad that you are enjoying it.
thanks for faving this piece as well :horns:
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Dude, you are a drawing machine this month. This might be my favorite of the horror pics so far. I just love the victim in the forground, and Leatherface and the hitch-hiker right behind her. Great sense of drama and action. The perspective on the pickup truck and saw are excellent.

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i was thinking that same thing. ive been pushing myself really hard trying to get everything ready for screamfest. i usually get about 5 drawings a month and i already have done 8. its crazy
thanks alot bro. this is one of my fav movies so i had to have a texas chainsaw marathon while drawing.
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I did the same think last month, and I almost burnt myself out. Make sure to pace yourself, bud.

Still, the quality of each piece has been excellent!

I'm due for a CHAINSAW marathon...

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yeah you did. i figure ill take a break when all the tributes are done. i still have about 4 to go. im working on my bih poem pic for #3 right now and a collab with dragyourblood and beardomcwierdo at the moment though.
thanks so much for the uplifting comment. ive been putting my heart and soul into these :D what a bloody mess.
i think everyone needs a chainsaw marathon atleast once in their life
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Dear God...when do you sleep? LOL Can't WAIT to see those collabs, though. And the poem/pic sounds SWEET.

You can tell how much you're putting into these as they really are excellent. Are you making prints of them?

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hehe after i get home from work about 12:30am i draw till 5 or 6 am and then go to sleep till about noon and do it all over again. yeah their parts are really cool. the poem pic is turning out really cool. im using my crimson death charecter in it since thats who i wrote the poem about in the first place. thanks alot bro i appreciate that. i am making prints of them to sell at screamfest. since the actors are going to be there it could turn out to be a big seller.
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Dear God...that's insane! I wish I had your drive, bud. Seriously.

How much will a set go for? I'll likely want to pick them up when I get your book.

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at screamfest im going to sell them for $5 a piece. try to get my name out as much as possible. they are as big as i can get them on 11x17 high gloss stock. they look really good plus since the actors are going to be there i think they will sell pretty good. hopefully that is.
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Fun film that one:P
Dr-Twistid's avatar
oh yes one of my favs
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Woooo hehe!! An awesome drawing! Chainsaws are the best! :chainsaw:
Dr-Twistid's avatar
thanks so much
especially when the chainsaws are in texas :D
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You're very welcome! :)

I agree! Especially when the chainsaws are in Texas and there's a massacre!! :XD:
Dr-Twistid's avatar
hehe and when they have names like bubba, nubbins, crop top and leatherface
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Badass bro! Great title too. This is really cool.
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