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My Bio

My work tends to worship the female form. I see the Goddess in Everywoman and depict her many phases and forces. Warrior and sensualist, powerful and vulnerable, sexual and aloof, serious and playful, powerful and vulnerable, all are facets of the Goddess as she manifests in every woman.

In general, I find inspiration in actors, singers, friends, random photos, etc... Sometimes I draw something because someone asks me "have you ever drawn so-and-so." Other times a particular person, model, actor, musician, etc... inspires me and I want to honour that through art. And sometimes it's just a composition, or a style that I like or think will be a challenge.

For me, engaging in art in this way allows me to be part of whatever I am drawing. It is a powerful thing to recreate and image of someone and through my eyes, brain, arm, hand, I engage with the subject in a way that I never could otherwise. I've drawn friends, strangers, celebrities, favourite characters, and others for the sheer joy of making a connection to someone or something with which I would otherwise never connect in that way.

I'm always looking for new inspiration and am open to solicitations for subjects. I work from photographs and so I can work at a distance. If you'd like to be drawn, contact me. If you want me to stick your crush's head on a nude body, then go elsewhere. Drawing a person is an intimate thing and other than celebrities (who have photos everywhere) I believe private individuals need to give explicit consent, even if it's just a portrait, the same as I would expect when taking someone's photo.

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kamelot, Epica, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Lordi, King Crimson, Stickmen, Animals as Leaders, Dream Theatre, Basically, prog and symphonic metal.
Favourite Writers
Margret Weis, Tracey Hickman, R.A.Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, JRR Tolkein, Dion Fortune, Paul Foster Case...
Tools of the Trade
EE pencils, if I can find them. They're a blend of charcoal and graphite, so they come in extremely dark, they do not burnish to a shine, but they also don't cover everything in a uniform tone when smudge them like charcoal.

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